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made more important discoveries, nor has enriched philosophy with more, or more ingenious solutions of The phenomena of nature. We have supposed Mr. Rittenhouse second to no astronomer living; that in genius he must be the first, because he is self. taught,” &c.

In philosophy, Englund can boast of a Bacon the most eminent professor in this science the world has ever produced. The Essays of this great writer is one of the best proofs we can adduce of his transcendent abilities; and America claims the enlightened FRANKLIN, a man who has not left his equal behind him, and whose Life and Writings are the subject of the following sheets.

To say more in this place of our Author, would be anticipating what is hereafter mentioned: it will therefore only be necessary to add that due attention has been paid in the selection of such of his proQuctions as may be adapted to general perusal.

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