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Printed by C. H. Reynell, 45, Broad-street, Golden-square.




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In the present Volume.
To the List of Subscribers add

EAST INDIES-The Hon. A. H. Cole.

3 line 1, for " Monitor" read “ Mortimer. 5 the match was off and no forfeit paid. 59 b. f. Milanie, for “ 3 yrs old” read “ 4." 72 line 19, for “ Peruvian” read “ Trafalgar." 74 for “b.c. Cypress, 3 yrs old,' read “ch. c. Cypress, 4 yrs old.” 78 fifth line from bottom foc" ch.” read•chr." 87 line 2, for “ 50gs each {8• subscribers)” real 50gs, b. ft.

(5 subscribers).” 118 line 3, for “ (15 subscribers)"reši? 16." 389 after Mr. Begbie's b. f. by Orville, strike put the figures 74.

In the Yclume for 1817. Page

8 Castrella's weight should be est. Illb. not est. 121b. 119 to the Kingscote Stakes there was 30gs added by the Club. 151 the 500gs Sweepstakes won by Equator was p. p. and not h, ft.

In Index, after Mr. Bott's name, omit “ sister to Fair Kitty,"

and substitute “b.f. by Totteridge, dam by Alexander, 38,76.". After Mr. Reader's name, strike out the figures 38, 76.


(OMITTED IN THEIR PLACÉ.) THE THE Gold Cup will close on the 1st of May; the 10gs

Sweepstakes for three yr olds, and the i5gs for two yr olds, on the 1st of July.

The Macaroni and Cocktail Stakes on the 25th of March. For particulars of the whole, see Sheet Calendar, No. XII. or XIII.

By particular desire, we here supply a part of what was omitted

in the Sport to come. Mo

ONDAY (First Day).— The Grosvenor Stakes of 10gs

each, for three yr olds, 6st. 2/b. four, 8st. five, 8st. 9łb. six and aged, 9st. m. allowed 27b. Grosvenor Course, viz. to start at the Castle Pole, and run once round the Course, about one mile and a quarter.

To name on the day of entry for the plates. Each horse starting to pay the Clerk of the Course 10s. and the winner one guinea.

D. of Håmilton

Mr. Mytton
Mr. Wieksted

Sir W. Wynne
Ld Belgrave

Mr. F. R. Price
Gen. Grosvenor

Sir W. W. Wynn
WEDNESDAY. - The Stand Cup; twice round the
Course and a distance, to start at the Distance-chair.
Ld Grey's b. f. Olympia, 4 yrs old
Sir W.W. Wynn's Piscator, 5 yrs old
Sir T. Stanley's ch. c. Grand Duke, 4 yrs old
Mr. P. L. Brooke's Equator, aged
Mr. F. R. Price's Havoc, 5 yrs

Mr. Houldsworth's ch. f. by Cerberus, out of Miss Cranfield,

Mr. Urmson's Banshee, 4 yrs old
Sir W. Wynne's br. c. by Y. Sorcerer, out of Lucy, 3 yrs
Ld Derby's Correggio, 4 yrs old
Mr. J. Rogers's br. f. Thunderstorm, 4 yrs old
Mr. Mytton's b. h. Jupiter, 5 yrs old
Sir T. Stanley's b. c. Leofric, by Windle, 4 yrs old
Mr. Tomes's b. h. Duplicate, 5 yrs old
Ld Grosvenor's Orontes, 6 yrs old
La Belgrave's Tagus, 5 yrs old
Mr. Clifton's Cameleon, 5 yrs old


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