The New Sporting Magazine, Band 7


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Seite 21 - Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves is as true of personal habits as of money.
Seite 51 - ... and brought into public scandal, infamy, and disgrace with and amongst all his neighbours and other good and worthy subjects of this realm...
Seite 246 - To frame the little animal, provide All the gay hues that wait on female pride : Let Nature guide thee ; sometimes golden wire The shining bellies of the fly require ; The peacock's plumes thy tackle must not fail, Nor the dear purchase of the sable's tail. Each gaudy bird some slender tribute brings, And lends the growing insect proper wings : Silks of all colours must their aid impart, And every fur promote the fisher's art.
Seite 190 - You shall swing for this job, as you live d'ye see;" I laughed at his threats and his vows of redress, I was sure of an alibi then with Black Bess. The road was a hollow, a sunken...
Seite 52 - SECOND COUNT'S, for other toddy, Cast, flung or hurl'd on Gudgeon's body ; To wit, his gold-lac'd hat and hair on, And clothes which he had then and there on; To wit, twelve jackets, twelve surtouts, Twelve pantaloons, twelve pair of boots, Which did thereby much discompose Said Gudgeon's mouth, eyes, ears...
Seite 85 - I'll see what she can do — hark away, lass — hark away ! I wish they could see her now," added he, as he felt her almost fly away with him. Encouraged by her master's voice and hand, Black Bess started forward at a pace which few horses could have equalled, and scarcely any have sustained so long. Even Dick, accustomed as he was to her magnificent action, felt electrified at the speed with which he was borne along. "Bravo! bravo!" shouted he; "hark away, Bess !
Seite 289 - The owner of the second horse to receive 100 sovs. out of the Stakes, and the winner to pay 100 sovs.
Seite 85 - Book of this romance, we may, perhaps, be pardoned for here expatiating a little in this place upon her birth, parentage, breeding, appearance, and attractions. And first as to her pedigree ; for in the horse, unlike the human species, nature has strongly impressed the noble or ignoble caste. He is the real aristocrat, and the pure blood that flows in the veins of the gallant steed will infallibly be transmitted, if his mate be suitable, throughout all his line. Bess was no cocktail. She was thoroughbred...
Seite 166 - Could'st thou resign the park and play, content, For the fair banks of Severn or of Trent ; There might'st thou find some elegant retreat, Some hireling senator's deserted seat, And stretch thy prospects o'er the smiling land. For less than rent the dungeons of the Strand...
Seite 190 - As the crow wings his flight we selected our road. We arrived at Hough Green in five minutes or less, My neck it was saved by the speed of Black Bess. Stepping carelessly forward I lounge on the green, Taking excellent care that by all I am seen; Some remarks on time's flight to the squires I address; But I say not a word of the flight of Black Bess.

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