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Meniçirs of the Right Hom. JOHN FOSTER.

(Embellifbed airba friking Likeness) I

are enabled to give a perfect account of William Burgh, Efq; late member for tre diftiaguished fenator with which we have Athy, (both his near relations) as class fel, opened the new year, beyond a mere sketch; lows and companions ; and it was remarked wash though excufable in fo limited a line that they were the first students who occu2 2 periodical publication, cannot aim at pied *ie new buildings. In this University readering that degree of justice which is re- he very early gave a promise of those uncomforved for the pen of the future historian. mon talents, and that capacious mind, which we have been lucky enough to catch have fince diftinguished the progress of his e tkxed Itriking likeness of the present public conduct. Before he was of age, oni Saiset, yet all we can add to the portrait, the King's accession to the throne, he went vil amount to no more than a scaniy olto into Parhainent, as member for Dunleer, 1a2cf a character, of whom' may be here, but took' nö a&tive part'during the life of his after repeated, what Pliny the younger, said father. ' After returning from the Teinplę, of Titus Livius: *“ The reputation of this (where he had that happiness continued to great man, began already to make fuch å him, of studying with his friend the late noise in the world, that a stranger came to Chief Baron) he was called to the Irish bar, Rome from the fartieft part of Spain pure in the year 1967. But being born with taposely to behold bim, whose renown hiad lunts fitted for a more extensive sphere of spread itself far and near in his own coun- action, than the mere practice of the courts,

he turned his attention to the improvement The Right Honourable JOHN of the long neglected trade and commerce FOSTE R, Speaker of the House of of his country, and for this very important Commons, is the son of Anthony, late purpose, he began with taking all röttraints Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Ex- off the manufactures of the kingdom, as the chequer, by his wife, Elizabeth, daugh- fiff means of attaining his favourite object. er of William Burgh, of Bert, Esq. The 'In !777, the first Teffion of Lord BuckSpeaker was born in the year 1742, and ingham's administration, Mr. Foster introafter being a due time at Drogheda school, duced a bill to free the manufactures of Ireras entered at Trinity College, where the land, of" eýery denomination, from all dupieafing circumstances occurred of his havo ties 'on çxportation. , 'Till then, many of Ν Ο Τ E.

them were fubject to the custom duty of five

per cent. on being exported. In this he coGaditanum quendam Titi Livii nomini pied the British policy of 1722 ; and strange gloriaque commorum, ad vrsendum eum ab as it may appear, no'man ever attempted to times terrarum orbe venije, flatimqüe ut adopt the whole of that policy here, with oder al abiiffe. Plin. f. 2. Epift.

any fuccess from that period, until this gen: 16. Mag. Jan. 1786.

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