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In compiling these books the authors have had in mind an arrangement of material that will make an easy, systematic, and interesting study of that part of English known as Composition.

It has been their purpose, not to give a so-called "graded course in English," but rather to deal primarily with composition per se. The other related branches have been touched upon only so far as they are necessarily involved in composition.

In the lower grades teachers have been confused by the wealth of material, both in composition and in language work, that is presented in the taxt-books. In the upper grades teachers have experienced great difficulty in getting models of true literary excellence which appeal to the pupils. To assist in these two particulars "The Progressive Composition Lessons" have been prepared.

Each lesson has grown out of classroom work covering a number of years; and no lesson has been included that has not stood the test of actual classroom experience. The aim has been to give the child power to express himself readily and clearly.

The method is essentially inductive. Each week's work consists of three lessons. In general these lessons are divided into: I. The preparatory oral work, which must be thorough; II. The written composition; III. The correction exercise, which affords the teacher and the pupils opportunity to correct expression.

The illustrative compositions in the Appendix of the teachers' edition have been taken from pupils' work.

Grateful acknowledgments are made to the teachers of

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