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1838. From Belvidere to Mount Clemens.

From Detroit through Greenfield, to Southfield.
From Marshall, by Verona, to Hastings.
From Paxton by Howell, to Owasco.
From Granville to Port Sheldon, in Ottowa county.
From Jackson, by Ingham and Howell, to Flint.
From Pontitoc, by Howell to Jackson.
From Flint, Genesee county, by Bearsleyville to Lapier.
From Cassopolis, by Whitmansville, to Keelersville.

From Monroe, by Stony creek, Exeter, Huron, and Rosou's mill, to Ypsilanti.

From Flat-rock, in Brownstown township, to Gibraltar.

From Lapier, by Langdon and Mount Pleasant, to Grand

From Ingham to Jefferson.
From Saranac to Ionia.

From Springville, by Brooklyn, Jefferson, Spring Arbor, Concord, Albion, and Berne, to Marshall.

From Concord, Jackson county, to John Wilbur's, in the town of Pulaski.

From Battle creek, Calhoun county, to Cold water, via Goodwinsville.

From Battle creek to Galesburg, via Augusta.
From Bellevue, by Vermonticello to Ionia.
From Jackson to Gamblesville,
From Galaston, by Otsego, to Allagan.
From Jonesville, in Michigan to Evansport, in Ohio.
From Ingham to the mouth of North black River.

From the county seat of Van Buren county to the mouth of
South Black river.

From Monroe to Adrian.
From Adrian to Springville.
From Marshall to Ingham.

In Wisconsin From Jamesville, by New Albany, mouth of Picatonica, and

Rockford, to Dixon's ferry, Illinois.

From Rockford, by Brewster's ferry, to Wiota.

From Chicago, by McHenry, Fontana, (at the head of Lake Geneva,) Turtle creek, Jamesville, Hume, and Madison, to Wisconsin city, on the Wisconsin river.

From Southport, by Pleasant prairie and Geneva, to the county seat of Walworth county.

From Milwaukee, by New Berlin, Springfield, and Troy, to Jamesville.

From Green Bay, by Depere, La Fontaine, Calumet village, Fond du Lac, and Fox lake, to Madison, and from Fox lake to Fort Winnebago.

From Fond du Lac, by the mouth of Fox river, to Little
Butte des Morts.

From Fond du Lac to Sheboyegan.
From Green Bay, by Neeshoto, to Twin river.



From Milwaukee, by Lisbon Belletere, and Watertown, to
Kentucky city.

From Jamesville, by Jefferson, to Watertown.
From Whiteoak springs, by New Diggings, and Milseat bend,



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From Duck creek to Green Bay.
From Helena, via English prairie, to Prairie du Chien.
From Galena, Illinois, by Sinsinawa mound to Du Buque.

Discontinue as follows:
From Milwaukee to the outlet of Lake Koshkenong.

From the outlet of Lake Koshkenong to the city of the Four

From Little Butte des Morts to Fort Winnebago.
From Fond du Lac to the city of the Four Lakes.
From Fond du Lac to Fort Winnebago.

From Dubuque to the county seat of Delaware county. .
Ś From Dubuque, by the county seat of Iowa county, and blished.
Rochester, on the Red Cedar, to West Liberty.

From Dubuque, by Richfield, Point Pleasant, and Davenport to Stephenson, Illinois.

From Davenport, by Centreville and Moscow, to Rochester on the Red Cedar river.

From Fort Madison, by West Point and Tuscarora, to Bentonport.

From New Boston, Illinois, by Blackhawk and Wappello, to Mount Pleasant.

From Fort Madison, Iowa, to Carthage, Illinois.

From Bloomington, by Cedarville, and West Liberty, to Napoleon.

From Wappello, by Catesse and Sissinamo, to Napoleon.

From Wapsepinicon to Bellevue; the present route to be changed so as to run by Camanche, New York, Lyons, and Charleston.

From Burlington, via Ellison's creek, Illinois, St. Augustine and Middle grove, to Peoria.

Sec. 2 And be it further enacted, That each and every All railmads railroad within the limits of the United States which now is, or routes, and the hereafter may be made and completed shall be a post route, Post and the Postmaster General shall cause the mail to be transported he transported thereon provided he can have it done upon reasonable terms, and not paying therefor in any instance more than twenty-five. per centum over and above what similar transportation would cost in post coaches.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the above post The above routes routes shall go in operation, on the first of July eighteen hun-tation on 1st July

he Donort 1839, or sooner, dred and thirty-nine, or sooner should the funds of the Depart. dc. ment justify the same; Provided that as soon as a responsible Proviso. contractor shall offer to transport the mails over any portion of the above routes for the revenue derived from the new offices





Postmaster Gen. cause the mail to

thereon, &c.


to be established thereon until the first of July eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, the Postmaster General shall forthwith put them into operation.

Approved, July 7th, 1838.


Redoubt Wood,


Fort Monroe.

CHAP 173. An ACT making appropriations for certain fortifications of the United

States for the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight [Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby appropriated to be paid out of any unappropriated money in

the Treasury, for certain fortifications, viz: Fort Warren. For Fort Warren, Boston harbor, one hundred thousand dol:


Island For the preservation of Castle island, and repairs of Fort and Port Inde Independence, Boston harbor, fifty thousand dollars: Fort Adams. For Fort Adams, Rhode Island, one hundred thousand dol

lars: Fortifications at For fortifications at New London harbor, Connecticut, twentymom sondou nar five thousand dollars: bor. Fort Schuyler. For Fort Schuyler, East river, New York, one hundred thou

sand dollars: Fort Delaware. For Fort Delaware, Delaware river, forty thousand dollars: Fort McHenry, For Fort McHenry, Redoubt Wood, and Covington Battery and Covingwon near

oli near Baltimore, thirty-two thousand four hundred and fifteen dollars:

For Fort Monroe, Virginia, one hundred thousand dollars: Fort Calhoun. For Fort Calhoun, Virginia, thirty thousand dollars:

ions For fortifications in Charleston harbor, and for the preserva. in Charleston tion of the site of Fort Moultrie, one hundred and seventy-five

Fort Moultrie. thousand dollars:
Fort Pulaski. For Fort Pulaski, Cockspur island, Georgia, one hundred

thousand dollars: Fort at Foster's For the fort at Foster's bank, Florida, thirty-three thousand

dollars: Fort Marion For repairs of Fort Marion and of the sea-wall at St. Augusand sea-wall at tine twenty-nine thousand five hundred dollars: Bridge at Fort For the purchase of the charter right to the bridge across Mui

creek, at Fort Monroe, four thousand dollars: Fort Caswell. For securing the site of Fort Caswell, Oak island, North Caro

lina, eight thousand five hundred dollars. Old Fort at the For repairs of the Old Fort at the Barancas, Pensacola, sevenBarancas. ty-five thousand dollars. Fort Niagara. For repairing Fort Niagara in the State of New York, three

thousand dollars. Contingencies. For contingencies of fortifications, ten thousand dollars.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That of the sums approall items which priated by this bill a portion not to exceed fifty per centum upon be expendeel du all the items above fifteen thousand dollars, shall be drawn from year, and the ta the Treasury during the present year, and the balance of the

is the said appropriations shall be expended for the objects desig.



Fort Pulaski.

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50 per cent. of

ring the present

lance during the year 1839.


nated, during the year one thousand eight hundred and thirtynine.

pproved, July 7th, 1838.

torney of New

flagration in New

duties to be re


CHAP. 174. An ACT to remit the duties upon certain goods destroyed by fire at

the late conflagration in the city of New York. [Sec. 1.] Be it enacted, by the Senate and House of Repre- The Collector,

Naval Officer, sentatives of the United States of America in Congress as- and District Al sembled, That the collector of the customs for the port of New

York to constiYork, the naval officer of the said port, and the district attorney lyte a Commis

sion to ascertain for the southern district of the State of New York, be, and they the amount of

goods destroyed are hereby, constituted a commission to ascertain the amount of by the great conduties paid, or secured to be paid, upon all goods, wares, and you and the merchandise, destroyed in unbroken and original packages as namera onectado imported, by the great conflagration which took place in the city to receive the of New York on the sixteenth and seventeenth days of Decem-milled. ber in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five, and the name or names and places of residence of the several persons entitled, as owners of the said goods, or otherwise, to receive or have remitted to them the amount of the duties so paid or secured to be paid, upon the several parcels and packages of goods so destroyed, pursuant to the provisions of this act:

SEC, 2. And be it further enacted, That the said commis- Time and place sioners shall meet at such time and place in the city of New Commissioners. York, as shall be appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury by a notice for that purpose, to be published in at least five of the Notice of to be public newspapers printed in the said city, for the period of at live least ten days before the time appointed for the said meeting; and, when so convened, shall proceed to take testimony in rela- Duty of the tion to the goods so destroyed, and the amount of duties paid, or secured to be paid, to the United States thereupon, and to the persons entitled to receive or have remitted to them the amount of such duties; and shall continue the examination and investigation as constantly as their other official duties will permit, until all the claims presented to them for the remission or refunding of duties provided for by this act, which may be presented to them, shall be examined to their satisfaction; but no claim shall Claims must be be received which shall not be presented within four months pour months. from and after the time appointed by the Secretary for the first meeting of the commissioners; and each of the said commis- Commissioners

empowered load. sioners shall be, and is hereby, authorized to administer the ne- minister van het cessary oaths to all persons who are to give testimony in the premises ; and all the testimony presented to or taken before the Testimony to said commission, shall be committed to writing, and signed by writing. the respective witnesses giving the same; and any wilful false Penahy for false swearing before the said commission, or in any affidavit or de- swearing. position taken before any one of the said commissioners, shall subject the person guilty of the offence, upon conviction before any court of competent jurisdiction, to the punishment prescribed by the laws of the United States for wilful perjury.


presented within

be comınitted to

to make a full and perfect state

said statement to be made and cer.


1838. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, Thạt, as soon as the Commissioners said commissioners shall have finally closed the taking of testi

mony in relation to any one or more claims, they shall cause to ment of their in- be made a full and perfect statement of the goods, wares, and vestigation.

merchandises proved in said claim or claims, to their satisfaction, to have been destroyed at the conflagration aforesaid, in the unbroken and original packages in which the same were imported, designating in such statement the number of packages, the rate and amount of duty upon each, and the name of the person or persons entitled to receive or have remitted to him or them the duties paid, or secured to be paid, upon each package, and the fact whether such duty has been paid or remains unpaid and secured in the ordinary manner, and shall ascertain and report whether any and what part of the merchandise so destroyed was insured or sold, what proportion of the insurance has been paid, or is secured to be paid in consequence of its destruction by the conflagration aforesaid, and shall deduct from the certificate to be granted under the provisions of this act, the amount paid on such insurance and the amount of

duties paid on the goods sold. And the said commissioners Three copies of shall cause three fair copies of such statement to be made and

do certified by themselves to be the true and correct results of lified by the com- their investigations, one of which copies they shall file with the

collector of the customs for the port of New York, another with the naval officer of the said port, and the third together with the testimony taken before the said commission they shall transmit to the Secretary of the Treasury, to be by him kept

on file in his Department. Sec. Treas. 1o SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty limony from time of the Secretary of the Treasury, with as little delay as pral

To varor ticable, to examine the testimony taken before the said com

voor mission, from time to time, as the same shall be returned 10 tion of the com. him, to compare the same with the said statement and adjudimissioners as to

cations of the said commissioners, and to signify to them his approval or disapproval of their determination as to each

claim ; and as soon as the determination of the Secretary shall Commissioners be officially communicated to the said commissioners, as to any proval with a cer- one or more of the said claims, they shall forth with execute and

deliver to each claimant, whose claim has received the approval of the Secretary, a certificate, signed by them, and stating the amount of duties which the claimant has paid, and is entitled to have refunded to him, and the amount he has secured to be paid, and is entitled to have remitted upon his bonds: Provided, That no such certificate shall be delivered to any claimant, his agent or attorney, or to his order, until he, or some person on his behalf, shall have executed and delivered to the collector of the customs for the port of New York, a bond, with sureties to the satisfaction of the said collector, in a penalty of double the sums to be refunded or remitted, as shown by the said certificate, and conditioned for the repayment, to the United States, of the whole amount refunded or remitted to such claimant, with interest from the date of the said bond,

examine the teg

to lime and signi.



each claim.

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tificate to claimant.


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