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For pay of commissioned, warrant and petty officers, and of 1837. seamen, two million four hundred and fifty-four thousand six Pay of navy. hundred and eighty-six dollars ;

To enable the President, provided he should deem it neces- Bounty for et sary, to offer a bounty for the purpose of promoting the enlistment of seamen, seventy-two thousand dollars ;

For pay of superintendents, naval constructors, and all the Pay of superincivile stablishments at the several yards, sixty-nine thousand, four wendents

, dc. at hundred and seventy dollars ;

For provisions, seven hundred and sixty-two thousand eight Provisione. hundred and sixty-five dollars;

For repairs of vessels in ordinary, and the repairs and wear Repairs of vos and tear of vessels in commission, one million two hundred and sele, &c. fifty thousand dollars;

For medicines and surgical instruments, hospital stores and Medicines and other expenses on account of the sick, thirty-nine thousand dol- ments, &c.


vy yard.

vy yard.


For improvements and necessary repairs of the navy yard at Portsmouth ne

vy yard. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, forty-seven thousand seven hundred dollars;

For improvements and necessary repairs of the navy yard at Charlestown na Charlestown, Massachusetts, one hundred and twenty-four thousand dollars; For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard at Brooklyn navy

yard. Brooklyn, New York, sixty-two thousand five hundred dollars;

For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard at Philadelphia sa. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, thirty-four thousand eight hundred "y jard. and fifty dollars.

For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard at Washington na. Washington, fifty-two thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars;

For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard at Gosport Gosport, Virginia, one hundred and forty thousand, five hundred dollars;

For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard near Pensacola navy Pensacola, seventy-eight thousand dollars;

For ordnance and ordnance stores, seventy-two thousand dol- Ordnance, &c. For defraying the expenses that may accrue for the following Miscellaneous purposes, to wit; for the freight and transportation of materials and stores of every description; for wharfage and dockage; storage and rent; travelling expenses of officers and transportation of seamén; house rent for pursers when attached to yards and stations where no house is provided; for funeral expenses, for 'commissions, clerk hire, office rent, stationery and fuel to navy agents; for premiums and incidental expenses of recruiting; for apprehending deserters; for compensation to judge advocates; for per diem allowance to persons attending courts martial and courts of inquiry; for printing and stationery of every description, and for working the lithographic press, and for books, maps, charts, mathematical and nautical instruments chronometers, models, and drawings; for the purchase and repair of fire angines and machinery, and for the repair of steam engines; for




ence of marine corps.

Provisions 000-eommio.


1837. the purchase and maintenance of oxen and horses, and for carts,

timber wheels, and workmen's tools of every description; for postage of letters on public service; for pilotage and towing ships of war; for cabin furniture of vessels in commission ; taxes and assessments on public property; for assistance rendered to vessels in distress; for incidental labor at navy yards, not applicable to any other appropriation; for coal and other fuel ; and for candles and oil; for repairs of magazines or powder houses; for preparing moulds for ships to be built, and for no other purpose whatever, three hundred and thirty-seven thonsand

six hundred dollars ; Contingenter

For contingent expenses for objects not hereinbefore enume.

rated, three thousand dollars ; Pay and subsist. For pay of the officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians,

and privates, and subsistence of the officers of the marine corps, one hundred and sixty-three thousand and nineteen dollars and

sixty cents;

for For the provisions for the non-commissioned officers, musicians, sioned officers, and privates serving on shore, servants and washerwomen, thir&c., serving on shore.

ty-three thousand four hundred and twenty-eight dollars and

eighty cents; Clothing.

For clothing; thirty-eight thousand six hundred and fifty-five

dollars ; Fuel

For fuel, fourteen thousand five hundred and eighty-nine dolRepairs of bar

For keeping the present barracks in repair until new ones can be erected, and for the repairs of barracks at head-quarters and

Portsmouth, New 'Hampshire, ten thousand dollars; Transportation For the transportation of officers, non-commissioned officers, of others, &c.

musicians, and privates, and expenses of recruiting, six thousand

dollars; Medicines, hos. For medicines, hospital stores, surgical instruments and pay of pilal stores, &c.

matron, four thousand one hundred and thirty-nine dollars and

twenty-nine cents; Contingent ex: For contingent expenses of said corps, freight, ferriage, toll

, wharfage, and cartage, per diem allowance for attending courts of inquiry, compensation to judge advocates, house rent-where there are no public quarters assigned incidental labor in the quartermaster's department, expenses of burying deceased persons belonging to the marine corps, printing, stationery, forage, postage on public letters, expenses in pursuing deserters, candles and oil for the different stations, straw for the men, barrack fur. niture, bed sacks, spades, axes, shovels, picks, and carpenter's tools, seyenteen thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven dol

lars and ninety-three cents; Military stores, For military stores, pay of armorers, keeping arms in repair,

drums, fifes, flags, accoutrements, and ordnance stores, two thou

sand dollars; Launching, &c.

For launching and securing the ship of the line Pennsylvania, ship Pennsyl

one hundred thousand dollars; Building and

For building and equipping two sloops of war, from frames equipping two sloope of war. already provided under former appropriations, two hundred and


penses of said curps, &c.

pay of armor.

ers, &c.


pear Pensacola.

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eighty thousand dollars; and also six vessels of war, if not less 1837. than ten, nor more than eighteen guns, four hundred thousand Alonelik, vsee dollars, in addition to any materials on hand;

For erecting and furnishing a new hospital building, and for Hospital a dwelling for an assistant surgeon ; for the repairs of the present building, and for all expenses upon their dependencies near Pensacola, forty-seven thousand five hundred dollars ;

For erecting a sea-wall to protect the shore; for enclosing the Hospital hospital grounds, for completing the basement of south wing; for repairing damages sustained from a recent gale, and for all other expenses upon the dependencies of the hospital near Norfolk, eighteen thousand dollars;

ncar Brooklyn



Ellis's island

For graduating and enclosing the grounds about the naval Naval asylom asylum near Philadelphia, and for all other expenses upon the phia. building and its dependencies, ten thousand four hundred and sixty dollars;

Towards an extension of the hospital building near Brooklyn, Hospital New York, for enclosing the grounds, and for all other expenses upon its dependencies, sixty-six thousand dollars;

For the completion of the present hospital building near Bos- Hospital ton, and for all expenses upon its dependencies, one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars;

For the repair of the enclosure, and for the sea-wall of the Magazine upon magazine upon Ellis's island, in the harbor of New York, one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars;

For the completion of the enclosure of the magazine near Magazine near Boston, the wharf and other dependencies, two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars ;

For the purchase of that portion of land, belonging to the Gosport' navy town of Portsmouth, Virginia, enclosed by the walls of the navy yard at Gosport, four thousand seven hundred and seventy-nine dollars;

To defray any additional expenses that may be incurred in Examination, making an examination and survey of the harbors of Beaufort and Wilmingand Wilmington in North Carolina, with a view to determine wn harbors. the respective facilities and advantages of the establishment of a navy yard, fifteen hundred dollars ;

For the survey of May river, from Tybee bar to the Hunting Survey of May island, fifteen hundred dollars, for a similar object; For payment to Thomas J. Harris of his proportion of the sum Payment to Tho

, of two thousand dollars, appropriated by Congress, for the capture of a piratical felucca, in eighteen hundred and twenty-three, twenty-nine dollars and sixteen cents;

To defray the expense of examining the shoals of George's Examining the Bank, for the purpose of determining upon the practicability of George's Bank! erecting a light-house upon the same, (in aid of the general appropriations for the navy,) five thousand dollars.

SEÇTION 2. And be it further enacted, That the following Money re-appro. sums being the unexpended balances of former appropriations, prisied. which have been carried to the account of the surplus fund, be, and the same are hereby re-appropriated, to be paid out of any money unappropriated in the treasury viz:



the glave trade, &c.

Prize-money to


1837. For carrying into effect the acts for the suppression of the Supprésion of slave trade, including their support in the United States and for

a term not exceeding six months after their arrival in Africa, of all persons removed from the United States under the said acts, eleven thousand four hundred and thirteen dollars and fifty-seven cents;

For payment of prize-money to the officers and crew of the officers, &c. of late private armed brig General Armstrong, and the legal repre

sentatives of such as may be dead, two thousand dollars. Secretary ef the Section 3. And be il further enacted, That the Secretary of Trease rycodice the Treasury be, and he is hereby authorized to distribute the be prize money residue of the prize-money heretofore deposited in the treasury, crews of Bon belonging to the crews of the men-of-war Bon Homme Richard ard and Ald. and Alliance, commanded by John Paul Jones, in the revolu

tionary war, among the several persons entitled thereto and to pay them the sums respectively due, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated,

SECTION 4. And be it further enacted, That the sum appronary yard at

priated at the last session for the erection of a brick enclosure of the navy yard at Pensacola shall be erected to suit the present plan of the yard, and in such manner as the Navy Commission

ers shall direct. President to pur- SECTION 5. And be it further enacted, That under the laws a durable na providing for the gradual improvement of the navy, the Presi

dent be authorized to cause articles of a durable character to be purchased for the armament and equipment, as well as for the building of vessels.

Approved, March 3d, 1837.



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CHAP. 31. An ACT making appropriations for the current expenses of the Indian Department, and for fulfilling treaty stipulations with the various Indian tribes, for the year eighteen hundred and ihiriy-seven.

(Sec. 1.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represen. tatives of ihe United States of America in Congress assembled

, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, appropriated, for the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven, for the purpose of paying the current expenses of the Indian Department, and of fulfilling treaty stipulations with the various Indian tribes to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not other

wise appropriated; that is to say; Pay of superin. For the pay of the superintendent of Indian affairs at St. an affaires alust. Louis, and the several Indian agents, as provided by the act of Louis, &c.

June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, twelve thousand dollars ;

For the pay of sub-agents, authorized by the same act, ten thousand dollars;

For the pay of interpreters, as authorized by the same act, eight thousand seven hundred dollars ;

For presents to Indians, authorized by the same act, fire thousand dollars;

Pay of sub-agents

Pay of interpre. ters,

Presents to Indiang,

&c., of Indian

office of Gover. nor of Wisconsin.

New York.

Senecas of New

sees, and Delawares.

Eel Rivers.

For the purchase of provisions for Indians, at the distribution 1837. of annuities, while on visits of business with the superintendents Provisions for and agents, and when assembled on public business, eleven Indians. thousand eight hundred dollars ; For the necessary buildings required at the several agencies, Buildings at the

. and repairs thereof, two thousand dollars ;

For postages, rents, stationery, fuel for offices, and other con- Postages, renta, tingencies of the Indian Department, seven thousand dollars ;

Department. For the salary of one clerk in the office of the Governor of Salary of clerk ia Wisconsin Territory, who is ex officio superintendent of Indian affairs, eight hundred dollars ;

For the salary of one clerk in the office of the acting superin-Clerk office ace'g tendent of the Western Territory, one thousand dollars ;

Territory, For the Six Nations of New York, four thousand, five hun. Six Nations of dred dollars ;

For the Senecas of New York, six thousand dollars ;
For the Ottawas, four thousand three hundred dollars ;

For the Wyandots, six thousand eight hundred and forty Wyandots. dollars;

For the Wyandots, Munsees, and Delawares, one thousand Wyandoto, Mindollars; For the Christian Indians, four hundred dollars,

Christian Indians. For the Miamies, thirty thousand one hundred and ten dollars; Miamies. For the Eel Rivers, one thousand one hundred dollars ; For the Pottawatamies, twenty thousand, eight hundred dollars;fPottawatamies

. For the Pottawatamies of Huron, four hundred dollars;

For the Pottawatamies of the Prairie, sixteen thousand dol. Pottawatamies lars;

For the Pottawatamies of the Wabash, twenty thousand dol- Potawatamies lars;

Potlawatamies of Huron.

of the Prairie.


For the Pottawatamies of Indiana, seventeen thousand dol- Pottawatamies lars;

For the Chippewas, Ottawas, and Pottawatamies, thirty-four Chippewas, por thousand two hundred and ninety dollars;

For the Winnebagoes, thirty-seven thousand seven hundred Winnebagoes. and eighty-five dollars;

For the Menomonies, thirteen thousand nine hundred and Menomonies. twenty dollars;

For the Chippewas, six thousand seven hundred and forty Chippewas. dollars;

For the Chippewas, Menomonies, Winnebagoes, and New Chippewas Me York Indians, fifteen hundred dollars; For the Sioux of Mississippi, three thousand six hundred and Sioux of Missis

sippi. forty dollars;

For the Yancton and Santie band of Sioux, four thousand Yancton three hundred and forty dollars ;

For the Omahas, three thousand nine hundred and forty dol- Omahas. Inrs:

For the Sacs of Missouri, one thousand six hundred and forty Sacs of Missouri. dollars;

For the Sacs, three thousand dollars;
For the Foxes, three thousand dollars;

of Indiana.

tawas, and Pottawatamies,

nebagoes, &c.

and Santie bands of Sioux.



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