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Appropriations for

Indians, annuities, executing treaty stipulations,

holding treaties, removal of, and va-
rious other objects -

to carry into effect treaty with Chero-

152 to carry into effect treaty with Ottawas and Chippewas

152 to carry into effect with several bands of Pottawatamies

155 appropriation to remove certain Choctaws

156 Internal improvements,surveysandexaminations 147 Internal improvements, harbors, rivers, &c. old works

145 Internal improvements, harbors, river, &c. new works

218 Judicial establishment

39 Land adjoining arsenals and fortifications

157, 158 Lands, surveying public

40 Library for Wisconsin Territory

31, 42 of Congress

38 for Patent Office

243 Light-house establishment, support of

39 Light-houses, beacons, &c.

at Michigan city
at entrance of Green bay

40 at Oswego

40 at Goat island, removal of

40 at mouth Black river, Ohio

40 1 at Cunningham creek, Ohio

40 Magazines, naval, at Pensacola

46 at Boston

47 at New York

47 at Washington


47 Military establishment, support of in 1836

48 Military hospitals

49, 158 Military Academy

150 Military stores and camp equipage

158 Navy, support of in 1836

45 steam ship at New York

47 Navy Yards, repairs, &c. at Portsmouth

46 at Charlestown

46 at Brooklyn

46 at Philadelphia

46 at Washington

46 at Norfolk

46 at Pensacola

46 for wharves, dock, magazine, &c. at Pensacola

46 Navy hospitals


Marine corps

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Page Ordnance for the navy

46 Ordnance service of the army

50 Ordnance and ordnance stores

157 Patent Oifice.

230 Pensions, payment of

23, 39 Penitentiary, District of Columbia

134 Post Office Department

172, 229 Public buildings

229, 230 Public grounds and streets

- 229, 230 Powder and ball

50, 158 Rivers and Harbors, old works

145 new works

248 Roads, military, along western frontier of Arkansas and Missouri

144 Cumberland, in Ohio

149 in Indiana

149 in Illinois

149 Seamen, relief of sick and distressed

40, 41 - Smith's spring

230 Steam ship at Brooklyn

47 Storehouses, military

158 Surveys and examinations

147 Surveys of harbors and rivers

248 [ Treasury building

230 Volunteers and dragoons

58 Warehouse at Baltimore Water for the Capitol, public buildings, &c.

230 West Point Academy

150 Wisconsin Territory

31 Wharves adjoining fortifications

153 Workshop at the Capitol

230 Arkansas, remove Fort Gibson on frontier of, and for better defence of frontier

49 Arkansas Territory, appropriations for support of Government in 38 admitted into the Union as a State

86 district court established in State, and officers to be appointed

87 land granted to State for education and other purposes 99 Armament of fortifications, appropriations for

50, 157 Armories, national, appropriations for

50, 158 Army, money transferred to credit of account of subsistence

19 clerk'allowed the commanding general

44 appropriations for support of, in 1836

48 appropriations for hospitals for the

49 appropriations for military stores and camp equipage for 158 additional regiment of dragoons or mounted riflemen

58 three additional paymasters to be appointed

233 three additional surgeons and five assistant surgeons to be appointed

233 Arsenals, national, appropriations for

50 Arsenal in North Carolina, established



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Page Arsenal in Charleston, South Carolina, repaired and extended

143 Arsenal at Kennebeck, purchase land adjoining

157 Arsenal, Frankford, purchase land and improve ground

157 Arsenal, Watertown, erect forging shop at

157 Arsenal, Fort Monroe, erect steam engine and officers' quarters at 157 Arsenal in Arkansas, appropriation for

158 Arsenal in Missouri, appropriation for

158 Arsenal at Memphis, appropriation for

158 Arsenal at Newport, Kentucky, appropriation for storehouse at 138 Arsenal at St. Louis, purchase land adjoining

158 Arsenal at Augusta, Georgia, erect piazza in front of barracks at 158 Arts, useful, revision of laws for the granting of

234 Asbury Samuel M., pension granted him

127 Aspinwall Thomas, Consul at London, allowanoes made him

3 Astronomical observations, appropriations for taking

42 Attorney of Arkansas, to be appointed

87 of Michigan, to be appointed

133 Auditor of the Post Office Department, 'to be appointed, his duties, &c.

160 his clerks, and their salaries

165, 172 appropriation for salaries of

229 B. Babbit Mary J., her pension extended during life

200 Bailey Peggy, James Caulfield authorized to enter her reservation of land

104 Baird Doct. Absalom, commutation of half-pay allowed his heirs 105 Baker Doct. William, paid for professional services to prisoners of war

5 Baker William, of New York, paid for use of and damage done his property

9 Baltimore, appropriations for ware-house in

41 deepen harbour of

250 Baldridge James, confirmed in claim to land

224 Banks in District of Columbia, charters extended to October 1, 1836

4 further extended to July 4, 1839 - 147 Bank of Columbia, and Bank of Alexandria, allowed time to set

16 Bank of the United States, no longer to act as commissioner of loans

22 no longer to pay pensions

32 its notes no longer to be received in payments to the United States

82 Secretary of the Treasury to act as

agent of the United States in aŲ
business connected with the

96 Banks, regulations and conditions for the deposite of the public money in the State

91 supplement to act to regulate the deposites of in


tle up

Page Banks, charters granted by Territories not valid until approved by Congress

132 notes of any bank that issues notes less than five dollars, not to be received in payments to the United States

'93 Bank charters granted by Florida, annulled

132 Bank notes, description of such as may be taken in payments to the United States

24 Bara Nicholas, claim to land not confirmed

244 Barracks, marine, to be built at Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Pensacola

47 repairs of

47 military, at Key West, appropriation for

49, 231 Governor's island, repair of

156 at Augusta, Georgia, piazza in front of

158 at Fort Jesup, appropriations for

158 Barron James, two patent rights renewed

218 Bartlett David, refunded money expended by him for public service 8 Barton Thomas P., allowed outfit and salary as Chargé d'Affaires 203 Bashford Henry, pens on granted him

115 Bass river, improve harbour att mouth of

248 Bath, Maine, appropriation for custom house at

42 Beacham Thomas, paid for property destroyed in public service - 14 Bean river, an amendment to the act to lay off a town (Galena) on 159 Beaufort, North Carolina, improve harbor of

250 Beaubien Josette, may relinquish Indian reservation and locate other lands

216 Beekman Theophilus E., pension granted him

115 Belgian vessel, Antonius, duties on refunded

229 Belleview, in Wisconsin, town of, laid off

148 Bell William H., purchase his patent rights for elevating and pointing cannon

245 Bender Major George, allowed additional pay for superintending public works.

107 Bennett Benjamin, correct error in entry of land

50 Bennett George W., correct error in entry of land

50 Bennett John, pension granted him

111 Big Sodus bay, improvement of

145 Black river, New York, improve harbor at mouth of

249 Black river, Ohio, remove obstructions in

145 Blake Charles, pension granted him

121 Blaisdell Enoch, pension granted him

53 Bliss Moses, marshal of Vermont, certain fees allowed him

59 Blount Willie, allowed commission for disbursing public money 10 Bogy Joseph, paid for property destroyed by Indians

208 Bohannan Stephen, pension granted him

91 Boon John, pension granted him

123 Boston), appropriation for Custon-house in

43 Bostou, preserve island in brbor of

156, 248 Botanic Garden), water conveved to and fountain crected in

230 Bounty on fishing voyages, (sce fishing voyages) Boundary of Ohio and Michigan, appropriation for astronomical observations to determine the






Boundary of Ohio and Michigan, cstablished

of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, northern established

of Missouri, extended to Missouri river
Bowman William, correct error in entry of land
Bowers Balaam, pension granted him
Bradford James, claim to land confirmed
Bridge may be erected on U. S. land at Harper's Ferry
Bridge Potomac, repair of

provision for preservation and protection of, and

attending to draws
Bridgeport harbor, deepen channel leading into
Breakwaters and improvement of harbors and rivers, appropria-

tions for old works

appropriations for new works
Brearley David, paid amount of draft drawn by him
Brent Thomas L. L., Charge d'Afiaires to Portugal, certain pay-

ments made by him to be allowed
Brobson James, Solicitor to settle his accounts
Browning David; correct error in entry of land
Brown Josiah H., pension granted him.
Brown William, appropriation to settle his accounts
Brown George F., allowance made him as Consul at Algiers
Brown Noah, and Adam, loss on Treasury notes made good
Brunswick, Georgia, improve harbor of
Brush Robert, pension granted him
Buckingham Jared, pension granted him.
Burdine Lieut., pay for transportation of his baggage
Burlington, in Wisconsin, town of laid off at
Burlington, Vermont, construct breakwater in harbor of
Bust of Chief Justice Marshall, appropriation for
Bureaus of War Department, in case of absence of the chief, place

to be temporarily filled







Caddo Indians, treaty with, 1st of July: 1835, [Appendix
Caddo Indians, 'appropriation to give effect to treaty with
Calvin James, pension granted him
Calvin James, correct error in entry of land
Caldwell David, claim to be paid his heirs
Campbell David S., paid for rifle lost in service -
Camanche and Witchetaw Indians, treaty with, 24th of August,

1835, [Appendix]
Canada Nathaniel, paid for property destroyed by enemy
Canals, mails may be carried on -
Canal around Muscle shoals in Tennessee river, tolls may be

charged on
Canal, Dismal Swamp, improve navigation leading into -
Cannon ball, &c. appropriations for
Cannon, purchase, Captain Bell's patents, for elevating and pointing
Capitol, pay heirs of Jardella for carving work on the



50, 157


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