Histoire des juifs de Tunisie: des origines à nos jours

L'Harmattan, 1991 - 335 pages
A history of the Jews of Tunisia, including analysis of their dhimmi status under Muslim rule. Discusses antisemitism under the Almohad dynasty (12th-13th centuries), when the Jews were forcibly converted to Islam, suspected of Judaizing, and forced to wear yellow articles of clothing. Under Ottoman rule, the clothing distinction was maintained, as well as the death sentence for offenses against Islam and intercourse with Muslim women (e.g. 1857). Under the French protectorate, at the time of the Dreyfus Affair, an anti-Jewish press campaign and anti-Jewish riots took place in Tunis in March 1898. Finally, the Tunisian Jews were victims of Vichy's Jewish statutes, and many were held as hostages and sent to forced labor camps during the German occupation (November 1942-May 1943).

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