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saying to me, ‘Go forth,—go among all nations; preaching the ministry of spirits, and the principles of the Spiritual Philosophy.' ...

Though gifted in intellect, Frances, you are equally sympathetic, and will readily understand the sorrow that will come over me like a cloud upon crossing my threshold in Battle Creek,- my wife glad to welcome me, gratified with my improved health, but mourning for Louis. It is all well. He has gone to join and become a companion of our own three dear little ones, who left the mortal ere earth's ills had tinged the gossamer of their spirit-garments with a single stain. Angels are their teachers; progress their eternal destiny. Oh, how blessed is Spiritualism in all the trying scenes of life! Would I had a thousand tongues to tell its glories and sing its praises ! To its promulgation under the inspiration of a circling band of spirits, I have consecrated my powers, dedicated my life. So have you, and many, many other noble souls.

“ Deeply do I sympathize with reform workers, lecturers, and media, negative and sensitized from the heavens. Oftentimes their sorrows are many, their joys few. Beautiful are the crowns that await them in the glorious hereafter.

“Were it not for the impaired health of my wife, and sudden departure of Louis, I should remain here at least a year, and do earnest missionary work in behalf of Spiritualism. I am stopping in an excellent family, Victor B. Post's; the spirits have named them ' Peace and Harmony.' These, with many other dear friends, entreat me to remain another year; but duty calls me home.

“I must tell you, by the way, that I have formed the acquaintance of Mrs. Eliza W. Farnham; met her in the lunatic asylum, Stockton, Cal. She is the matron; and her brilliant, solid intellect, boundless benevolence, and deep comprehension of principles, charmed me. During several evenings, she read from unpublished volumes she is preparing read me select passages from Walt Whitman's 'Leaves of Grass,' and several European poets. She told me she delivered the first lecture upon Spiritualism ever given in California.

She spoke highly of you, Mary F. Davis, and others of her sex laboring for woman and the great interests of reform. And, only think,— little, anxious, jealous souls, hardly worthy to unloose her shoe-latches, have tried to traduce this great, noble woman. Blessings upon her! I'm proud I ever clasped her hand, a prelude to abiding friendship.”

" PETALUMA, CAL., Jan. 15, 1862. Dear Charlie, --Accept my thanks for the love message sent me from ‘Louie' through you. Oh, the dear pet child, how I want to press him to my bosom upon my return home! You know, Charlie, that I am enthusiastic in my love nature; loving not only children, but music, flowers, and friends, almost to distraction.

“ The news of Louie's leaving the earth life almost overcame me at first. I was not prepared for it; for I had just been to a mountain village, by stage, to preach a funeral sermon, had many gatherings in my ears, making me nearly sick; but I was sustained by two spirits, and made to feel that it was not only right, but all for the best,' as my dear brother Nite says. I have heard from him through J. V. Mansfield, of Boston. Accept my thanks for the promise that I shall hear from Louie often through you. It will cheer me in my lonely pilgrimage along the Pacific coast."

"O ye waves and waters of beauty,

Gleaming like the white-footed of heaven;

And when we reached this lovely Fountain
We saw a Virgin with fair eyes;
Softer was she than the beam of morning;
Her smile was as the rose in summer.
She bathed our feet; she poured rich perfume
Over our hands and travel-soiled hair;
And when we rested she gave us sweet wine
And cakes of honey richer than ambrosia."

- Enoch.

Among the old friends and acquaintances whom Mr. Peebles met in San Francisco was Miss Fanny Green, to whom he had been introduced in the East by his old friend, Prof. S. B. Brittan. This lady was not only a gifted poet, but an inspirational and prophetic medium. His public work on the Coast for the time, being completed, he remarked to Miss Green while calling upon her, that he was about to return to his home and family in the States, and should probably never see this beautiful Sunset-land again. Quick as a flash she raised her head, her eyes glowing with inspiration and her face quite transfigured; she replied: “Yes, you will — certainly will return to this land of promise, and you will prosper by the coming. It is so ordered and ordained in the higher councils of wisdom. We have a poem for you from the inner life - a prophecy golden with promise." The next day near evening time the poem reached him by mail. Surely, there is a “divinity that shapes our ends."

Here is the prophetic poem:

“ Brother, farewell! Our love, our faith, our prayers,

Like white-winged angels, shall go forth with thee;
And if there is a spell in human hearts
That can control the elements, and bind
Belligerent forces, thou shalt be preserved,
And dangers that invade and trouble others
Shall turn aside from thee.

“Our blessings now
With lifted hearts and hands, we give to thee;
For like an angel walking by our side,
Near, yet exalted, thou hast ever been —
So bold and earnest, yet so kind and truthful,
That thy reproof more precious was than praise
From spirits less sincere. A wondrous power
Clothed all thy acts, and marked thy ministry.
The sullen dogmatist and narrow bigot
Shrunk out of sight and hid in their darkness,
Half blinded by the spiritual light
Thy presence pure evoked. And weary souls

By thee have been led up into the fountains Whence the deep tide of living waters flow, And into that fair light of heavenly truth, Which, like a blessed rainbow, spans the Future, And bridges all the dark abyss of Death. “We would not keep thee, for the sweet home voices Are calling o'er the deep, and thou muci go; Then let our blessing speed thee on thy way; But do not, in thy happiness, forget Thy work is here unfinished. Day by day, Night after night, the weary darkness groans With all the wrong it covers. Yet there lies Beneath it all a germ of heavenly power That only waits the magic touch of light To spring forth and assert its parentage. “Here, where the common earth is bountiful Beyond the bounty of all other lands, There must be spiritual life and thought As' deep and as magnetic. And this age Will not have passed before there shall spring up, On the Pacific Coast, a city fair, From God's divine ideal mapped and charted; And unto it shall flow in streams of power, And out of it shall issue tides of blessing, That shall surmount all obstacles, and draw All dark, diverging torments, into one Deep, infinite of love, that shall enzone The warring, weeping earth, and warm away All clouds and coldness from the brightening air.

"And thou shalt come forget it not, I pray –
With all thou lovest, to that city fair;
And as the golden gates wide open swing,
Angels shall chant thy welcome, and the band
Of glorious workers, that are one with thee,
Shall wait thy stroke upon the sounding anvil,
Where, if we faint not, we shall even yet
Unforge all human fetters, and transmute
The hard old iron into golden links

Of love and kindness that shall bind together
Master and slave, the oppressor and the oppressed,
The rich and poor, with such an equal power
That none may richer, none may poorer be,
And no one take beyond his

proper share
Of that divine and equal distribution
Which Justice clạims and mercy must accord.”

This poem - at the present writing (1896)— is only partially fulfilled. It undoubtedly refers to San Diego, where our brother now has his home, at present a city of 20,000, the harbor landlocked and one of the finest in the world, the bay shimmering with silvery waters; surrounded, almost by gracefully waving palms, orange and lemon fields, olive groves, and with broad avenues lined with magnolia, eucalyptus, and pepper trees. Here the roses bloom perpetually, the foliage is ever green, and the golden oranges hang on the trees ten months in the year.

Yet there lies beneath it a germ of heavenly power

That only waits the magic touch of light
To spring forth and assert its parentage."

According to more recent revelations, this refers to a hidden force left by a prehistoric race, which is now waiting to be evoked and joined with the new cyclic movement. The fulfillment may not be far off.

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