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$4.6 million for operating and maintaining the hardware and software for the network

• $7.7 million in capital investment cost (mostly network hardware/software) associated with
expanding full network services to the units who will be relocated to newly renovated space in the
GAO headquarters building, and completing the networks for several regional offices. Also,
consistent with GAO's functional and technical requirements, this budget will support a
microcomputer platform that allows users to simultaneously use several software applications,
and supports a more user friendly 'graphical user interface."

• $2.6 million in capital investment and operations costs (mostly application software) for
implementing the DCA application in those units with full network services.

Given these major cost components GAO's fiscal year 1995 network budget request totals $14.9 million. Additional funding of $12.2 million in fiscal year 1996 would be needed to complete the network and application deployment. Because GAO's fiscal years 1995 and 1996 estimates assume network capability will evolve, the estimates for network expenditures in those years include an increasing share of what are currently stand-alone costs.

The following is a summary of the major cost components over the three year period.

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[Clerk's Note.-The Program and Finance and Object Class tables reflect the budget justifications as submitted to the Subcommittee. Please check Appendix to the President's FY95 Budget for any changes that may be made subsequent to the January 1994 submission to the Subcommittee.]


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