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Systems Network Architecture (SNA):

An IBM networking protocol

used by H.I.S. to provide access to mainframe-based online transcation processing systems.

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP): A set of mid-level communication protocols for intercomputer communications developed under the auspices of Defense Advanced Research Procurement Agency, and adopted by Department of Defense as their standard protocol. A routing mechanism used between computer systems at layer three and four of the International Standards Organization (ISO) reference model.

Token Ring Network:

A local network access mechanism and

topology in which a token is passed from station to station.

UNIX: The registered name of an AT&T computer operating system. In common use, it has come to refer to all operating systems which were derived from, or are very similar to the AT&T operating system. It is a very mature, powerful, multiuser, multitasking operating system.

Utopia: Software tools that automate the user help-desk function.

Wide Area Network (WAN): Networks that connect distant computers as distinguished from Local Area Networks.


PC-based House approved word processing software used extensively in House offices. The word processor tailored for the MicroMIN office systems package developed by H.I.S.

WORD11: Word processing software produced by Data Processing Design (DPD) that runs on Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), MicroVAX and VAX computers and on IBM and IBM-compatible personal computers. This software is used by all committees with MicroVAX and VAX computers.

XTALK: A personal computer-resident communication software package.

XYWRITE II: A word processing package that runs on IBM and IBMcompatible personal computers.

X.25: CCITT X.25 Network Communication Protocol. An interface specification describing the interface between a terminal and a public packet switched data network.

X.400: International standard communication protocol for the interconnection and data exchange in the Messaging Handling System (i.e., electronic mail).

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**Full use of the FY '94 Appropriation cannot be substantiated due to an anticipated reduction in use by outside vendors.

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Explanation of Changes Shown on Schedule C-1


Mandatory Pay and RelatedChanges:

Personnel increases are attributed to the annualization of the FY '94 locality pay adjustment; a prorated FY '95 locality pay adjustment; a prorated FY '95 Cost of Living Adjustment, meritorious increases and temporary positions.

Price Level Changes:

Price increases are attibuted to inflation.

Program Type Changes:

Total increases of $2,015,000 represent major capital investments for equipment, and related supplies and materials and other services as follows:

For Member district office communications (WAN), Member Washington office communications (LAN), and applications development software and materials for Members;

Committee communications equipment (LAN) and office applications development software;

Member and Committee shared applications such as ISIS development, implementation and support equipment and software, communications facilities, client server highavailability backup systems, Unix-based upgrades, legislative information systems and legal systems;

For all House offices, equipment, software and materials to upgrade and develop systems and infrastructure which include the asynchronous network facility, the systems network architecture, fiber distributed data interface and dial-out modems;

Equipment upgrade and replacement for training facilities for Members and staff, the User Assistance Office (Hotline) and Office Automation Consulting i.e. Demonstration Center and purchases for product evaluations for the House Approved List of equipment, software and office systems.

Hardware and software upgrade and replacement in H.I.S. facilities for the mainframe central computer, its operating host software and related communications, H.I.S. security requirements and advanced technology areas such as CD-Rom tower capability and imaging;

Completion of data communications rewiring in the Cannon, Longworth and Rayburn House office buildings, and replacement and upgrade of obsolete office equipment and

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