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A. M. Y.'s Angeline, and other Stories, 238
Abel's (Dr. C.) Linguistic Essays, 395, 531.
Abreu's |. de W.) Sanskrit Grammar in the Portu-
guese Language, 45
Achârya's (M.) The Sarva Dars'ana Samgraha, trans-
lated by Cowell and Gough. 40
Adams's (C. K.) Manual of Historical Literature, 241
Adams's (Mrs. L.) Cosmo Gordon, 769
Adams's (W. M.) Shilling Manual of Trigonometry, 143
Adams's (W. T.) Our Little Ones, 697
Aisin's (Dr.) Evenings at Home, 845
Alcott's (L. M.) An Old-fashioned Thanksgiving, 731
Allis's (M.S.) The Great Giant Arithmos, 76 -
Aldis's (W. S.) Introductory Treatise on Rigid Dynamics,
Alison's (Sir *] Some Account of my Life and Writings,
edited by Lady Alison, 765

Alardyce's (A.) Memoir of Hon. G. K. Elphinstone, 267

Allen & Co.'s India List, 143

Alien's (P.) Asaph Wood, 462

Almanach de Gotha, 812

Almanacs, 812,847

Amateur Work, 698

American Men of Letters: Henry D. Thoreau, by San-

born, 55.8

Amott's (L. R. P. C.) Midsummer Idylls, 561
Ancient Liturgy of the Church of England: Monumenta
Ritualia Ecclesiae Anglicanae, with Dissertations and
Notes by Maskell, 365
Anderson's (J. C.) Short Chronicle concerning the
Parish of Croydon, 896

Anderson's (T.) History of Shorthand, 266

Annual Register for 1881, 13, 48

Anstey's (F.) Vice Versä, 72

Antiquarian Magazine and Bibliographer, 111

Antiquary, The, 111

Ajalue's (L. H.) A Baker's Dozen, 697

Archaeologia Aeliana, 240

Archaeological Journal, The, 270
Armstrong's (G. F.) A Garland from Greece, 172
Army and Navy Calendar, 13
Artistic Stationery Company's Note-Paper, 625
Ashton's (J.) Chap-Books of the Eighteenth Century,
301; Social Life in the Reign of Queen Anne, 692
Austen's (Miss J.) Novels, 847
Austin's (S.) Other People, 845
Bacourt's (De) Souvenirs d'un Diplomate, 806
Baddeley's (M. J. B.) Peak District of Derbyshire, 205
Baedae Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, edited
by Holder, 655

Baker's (E.) Stories of Olden Times, 810

Baker's (J. B.) History of Scarbrough, 459

Banks's (Mrs. L.) Through the Night, 812

Banquet of Wit, The, ed. by Gray and Maidment, 337

Barbauld's (Mrs.) Evenings at Home, 845

Barkers (Mrs. S.) Only a Little Child, 811

Barnfield's (Richard) Poems, edited by Arber, 592

Barry's (A.) The Teacher's Prayer Book, 697

Bartsch's (Prof.) Alte Französische Wolkslieder, 45

Beal s (S.) Abstract of Lectures on Buddhist Literature,

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Blackie's (J.S.) Altavona, 10

Bloomfield's (Bároness G.) Reminiscences of Court and

Diplomatic Life, 727

Bormans's (S.) Les Fiefs du Comté de Namur, 896

Born to Luck, 366

Bossuet, OEuvres Inédites de, ed. by Ménard, 236
Bourke's (Rev. U.J.) Life and Times of Rev. J. Macliale,
Bourne's (C. E.) Heroes of African Discovery, 845
Bowen's (C. W.) Boundary Disputes of Connecticut, 462
Bowles's (T. G.) Flotsam and Jetsam, 846
Brace's (L.) Gesta Christi, 846 - -
Bradshaw's Illustrated Handbook to Great Britain, 270
Brassey's (Sir T.) The British Navy, 359
Breviarium ad Usum Sarum, edited by Procter and
Wordsworth, 239 -
Bright's (W.) Notes on the Canons of the First Four
General Councils, 334
Brine's (M.D.) My Boy and I, 239
Brisse's (Baron) 366 Menus and 1,200 Recipes, translated
by Mrs. Clark, 206
British Almanac and Companion, 812
British Association at Southampton, 231
British School Series: English Grammar, 206
Broadley's (A. M.) The Last Punic War, 167
Browne's (P.) The Girl's Own Cookery Book, 812
Bué's (H.) First Steps in French Idioms, 462
Burn, James, the “Beggar Boy,” 842
Burnand's (F. C.) Happy Thoughts, 271
Burney's (F.) Cecilia, introduction by Mrs. Ellis, 143
Burton's (Dr. H.) The Book Hunter, 241
Butler's (Lieut.-Col.) Red Cloud, 625
Caine's (T.H.) Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti,

Catholicon Anglicum, edited, &c., by Herrtage, 202

Cazenove's (A.) Madge Allerton, 43

Chambers's Graduated Readers, 77

Chambers's Historical Readers: Stories from English
History—England to 1327 A.D., 2
Chambers's Reprints of English Classics: Macaulay's
The Armada, Ivry, and Evening—Scott's Lady of the
Lake—Coleridge's Ancient Mariner, 303
Chap-Books of the Eighteenth Century, with Notes, &c.,
by Ashton, 301

Chaucer's The Squieres Tale, 733

Chelsea Householder, A, 560

Chéruel's (A.) Histoire de France, 142

Child's Instructor, The, 698

Childar's (C.) Daisy Beresford, 204

Children of the World, tr. from Paul Heyse, 658

Christmas Cards, 625, 626, 698

Christy Carew, 206

Chums, 399

Church's (Rev. A. J.) Stories from Livy, 731

Clapasson's (J. S.) Student's French Guide, 462

Clare's (A.) A Dream of Rubens, 462; One of the Old

School, 528

Clarendon Press Series: Scott's Lay of the Last
Minstrel, edited by Minto, 303
Clarke's (H.) Early History of Mediterranean Popu-
lations, 337

Clay's (Lady) A Stranger in a Strange Land, 696

Clifford's (T.R.) What Her Majesty's Inspectors Say, 625

Combes's L'Entrevue de Payonne de 1565 et la Question

de la Sant-Barthélemy 142

Commentary on Ezra and Nehemiah, ed. by Mathews, 239

Constable's (S) Geometrical Exercises for Beginners, 303

Coptic Morning Service for the Lord's Day, translated by

the Mal quess of Bute, 110

Corkran's (A.) Adventures of Mrs. Wishing-to-be, S10

Cory's (W.) Guide to Modern English History, 336

Cox's (Rev. G. B.) London University Matriculation

Papers in English for Twelve Years, 77

Craik's (G. M.) Fortune's Marriage, 75

Crake's (Rev. A. D.) Fairleigh Hall, 731

Crawford's (F. M.) Mr. Isaacs, 809

Crawley's (C.) Law of Life Insurance, 650

Creighton's (L.) Stories from English History, 845

Creighton's (M.) History of the Papacy during the

Reformation, 766

Crooks's (Hon. A.) Report on Education in Ontario, 462
Croston's (J.) Nooks and Corners of Lancashire, &c., 13
Cumberland and Westmoreland Antiquarian and Archae-
ological Society, Transactions, 270
Cunningham's (W.) The Growth of English Industry, 111
Dale's (A. W. W.) The Synod of Elvira, 334
Dale's (D.) Little Bricks, 731
Darby's (J.) Brushland, 595
Davidson's (T.) Rosmini's Philosophical System, 299
Davies's (Dr. E.) Holy Thoughts on Holy Things, 562
Dawn of the Twentieth Century, The 11
De Fonblanque's (A.) The Blackest of Lies, 623
Delitzsch's (Prof. F.) José and Benjamin, translated by
Smieton, 528
Demofilo's Coleccion de Cantes Flamencos, 234
De Morgan, A Memoir of, by his Wife, 619
De Vere's (A.) The Foray of Queen Meave, 525
D'Haussonville's (Wicomte) The Salon of Madame
Necker, translated by H. M. Trollope, 555

Diehl's (Mrs. A. M.) Eve Lester, 6.96

Diocesan Histories: Durham, by Low, 302; Chichester,

§ Rev. W. R. W. Stephens—Peterborough, by Poole,


Diver's (E.) Aid to Arithmetic, 76

Divine Classic of Nan-hua, The, by Balfour, 360

Dixie's (Lady F.) In the Land of Misfortune, 691

Dobell's (Mrs. H.) Dark Pag, s, 769

Dodge's (M. M.) Donald and Dorothy, 810

Doudney's (S.) Michaelmas Daisy, 239; Anna Cavaye, 731

Douglas's (Lord J.) Royal Angus, 171

Douglas's (R. K.) China, 360

Douglas's (W. S.) Life of Burns, 811

Dowling's (R.) Sweet Inisfail, 460
Dudgeon's (Major R. C.) History of the Edinburgh or
Queen's Regiment, Light Infantry Militia, 12

Dulau’s Catalogue of French Books, 13

Dumas's La Tulipe Noire, edited by Blouët, 304

Durnford's (Col. A. W.) A Soldier's Life and Work in

South Africa, 846

Dyer's (G. P.). Elsie's Adventures in Insect Land, 770

E. S. M.'s Sly Ballades in Harvard China, 561

Earliest Known Printed English Ballad, reproduced in

Facsimile, with Introduction by Ashton, 111

Early Spring in Massachusetts, from the Journal of

Henry D. Thoreau, 558

Eason's Almanac for Ireland, 812

Edwardes's (Mrs.) A Ball-room Repentance, 141

Eighteenth Century Essays, selected by Dobson, 8

Elementary Classics: Quintf Horatii Flacci Carminum,

Lib. III., edited by Page, 76

Elements of Euclid, annotated, &c., by Casey, 733

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol. XIV., 330

English Citizen, The . The State in relation to Labour,

by Jevons, 170

English Men of Letters: Gray, by Gosse, 139, 177;

Swift, by Stephen, 425; Sterne, by Trall, 655

English Political Leaders: Lord Palmerston,

Trollope—William Pitt, by Sergeant, 367


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