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Vol. Doc. Page.

Abert, J. J., Chief of Topographical Bureau, report of.......... 2 8 656

report on lakes and western

rivers ..

3 19

J. W., Lieutenant, report of, explorations in New Mexico.. 4 41 419

Accounts, Treasurer of the United States, for the 3d and 4th quarters of
1846, and 1st and 2d quarters of 1847.

3 18
Adams, B. M., report of...

8 933

Additional allowances to mail contractors.

clerks in the Treasury Department.


additional estimates from the Treasury Department.


examiners in the Patent Office..


Adjutant General, annual report of..


Allis, S., report of ...

8 929

Appropriations, estimates of additional, with report from the Secretary of

the Treasury.

2 2

deficiencies in, for the subsistence of the army..

10 2
for the naval service for year ending June 30, 1847.
Angel, W. P., report of..

8 890
Armories and arsenals-
Allegheny.... Captain Harding...

2 8 703
. Captain J. Williamson...

2 8 706
Harper's Ferry. Major Symington....

2 8 690

North Carolina.

Captain J. A. J. Bradford..

2 8 704

Major Ripley:

2 8 693


Captain Mordecai..




Captain J. A. Webber...

2 8 707

• Major Baker...

2 8 694

Armories, expenses of...


Army, strength of the, at the end of the Mexican war.



Vol. Doc. Page)
Balances due by individuals out of office

8 68
due to, and by officers of the United States.

1 7 325
of unexpended appropriations July 1, 1847..

1 7 282
Bancroft, George, in relatior to postal arrangements with Great Britain.. 2 8 1318
Bank returns, report of the Secretary of the Treasury.

8 77
D. P., report on the warehouse system of Europe. .

1 6 143
Barker, F., report of.....

2 8 925
Barney, J., United States agent..

Beach, John, report as agent for Sacs and Foxes.

Blanchard, J. D., report of....

8 924
Bingham, A., report of...

Brazito, report of the battle of..

Bremen, mail from New York to

Brockaway, W. H., report of ..

Brown, W. J., Second Assistant Postmaster General.

8 1341
Brown, U., report on liquid fire..

8 1306
Bruce, Amos J., report as agent at St. Peter's.

8 853
Buchanan, James, Secretary of State, despatches to the Mexican govern.


Buena Vista, report and sub-report of the battle of.

2 8 97
Buildings, public, and grounds, annual report of the Commissioner of.. 3 24
Burke, Edmund, Commissioner of Patents, annual report of.

6 54 3
in relation to additional ex.

3 16
in relation to room for models. 5 48


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California and New Mexico, report of the Secretary of War..

report of the Secretary of the Navy...
explorations of, by Lieutenant Colonel Cooke

and Lieutenants Emory, Abert, and John.

Indians in, &c. ....
Capitol, report of Commissioner of Public Buildings and Grounds on the

introduction of gas into.....
Cerro Gordo, report of the battle of.
Charleston, mail from, to Chagres, letter from the Postmaster General...

A. Contract with M. C. Modecai......
B. Abstract of various propositions submitted to the Post Of

fice Department
Chapultepec, report of the storming of....
Cherokee Indians, report from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs in rela.

tion to...
statement by the Second Auditor of amounts paid to va.

rious officers and agents employed in the execution of

the treaty of 1835–6...
statement of expenditures for carrying into effect the

treaty of New Echota of December, 1835.....
Chickasaw fund, annual statement of credits and expenditures.

statement from January 1 to December 31, 1847.

exhibit of sales in the Chickasaw cession in 1847.
Chihuahua, occupation of.
Childs, Colonel, report of..
Churubusco, report of the battle of...
Claim of Thomas H. Noble, report of the Third Auditor in relation to..
Claim of Matthews, Wood, and Hall, report of the Solicitor of the Treas
| ury upon the......
Claim of Aaron Leggelt, report of the Secretary of State on the.

List of papers accompanying the same.
Claims under the Cherokee treaty of 1835-6, report from the Secretary of

War on the.....
report of Messrs. Harden and

Brewster, late commis.

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Vol. Doc. Page.
Claims under the Cherokee treaty of 1835–6, abstract of claims acted upon
and decided by the fourth board of commissioners...

8 63 7
Clerks and other persons employed in the Post Office Department.. 3 32

Navy Department...

5 42
State Department.

3 21
Treasury Department.

ວ້ 44
Clerks, additional required, in the Treasury Department..

5 58
and other persons employed in the War Department.

3 31
Coffee, annual consumption of, from 1821 to 1847.....

1 6 120
Commerce, revenue, and population of the United States from 1790 to 1847 1 6 91
Commerce of the lakes and western rivers....

3 19
report thereon from Bureau of

Topographical Enginees..... 3 19 2
extent of steam navigation on the Mississippi and its branches. 3 19 18

Missouri and its branches... 3 19 19
Ohio and its branches.... 3 19 19
Red river. ...

3 19 20
extent of lake coast, harbors, their condition, &c

3 19 33
Cooke, Lieutenant Colonel P. St. George, report of his march from Santa
Fé to San Diego, Upper California. ..

4 41

Compensation, extra, to Generals Cass and Taylor..

9 86
Contingent expenses of the Navy Department.

3 13
State Department.

1 3
Treasury Department.

3 23
War Department.

3 20
Contreras, report and sub-report of battle of

2. 8 303
Constitution of the State of Wisconsin.....

5 55 3
Contracts under authority of the Treasury Department.

5 52
War Department.

3 29
list of, Bareau of Construction, &c.

2 8

Yards and Docks..

8 1130
legal Provisions and Clothing

8 1261
Contractors, additional allowance to mail..


7 56
Correspondence between Secretaries of State and War and General 5 59
Scott, General Taylor, and Mr. Trist.

3 17

Court of inquiry, Puebla, Mexico..

9 85
Court Martial. Lientenants Pendee and Singletary.

9 78
Creek Indian reservations...

Cumming, P. H., report of.

8. 906
Cummins, R. W., report of, as Indian agent at Fort Leavenworth..

8 844



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Dayton, A. O., report on navy and privateer pension fund..
Dock, dry, New York, report on..

float:ng, dry, with report of Secretary of Navy..
Dodge, Governor Henry, repo:t of, as ex officio superintendent of Indian

Dougherty, P., report of.
Douglas, Charles, Commissioner of Public Buildings and Grounds, annual

report of ......?
Daties, revenue and expenditures...
Duval, M., report of, as sub-agent for Seminoles..

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Edwards, J. L, Commissioner of Pensions, report annual......

in relation to navy pen-
Ellis, Albert, G., report of, sub-agent at Green Bay.
El Molino de Rey, report of the battle of...


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