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1846, May 21, (No. 43.)-Solicits further instructions; remarks upon the navigability of the

Rio Grande; has detached cavalry in pursuit of Arista's army; expects General

Smith's column from Barita.
May 24, (No. 44.)–Arrival of General Smith with battalion of 1st infantry and one

regiment of volunteers; Lieutenant Colonel Garland has returned from pursuing the

enemy; solicits instructions as to disposition of part of General Arista's baggage.
May 26.—Distribution of clothing. [Not copied.)
May 29, (No. 45.)—Encloses returns of the army. [Not copied.)
May 29, (No. 46.)-Relative to the relief of Captain Waggaman; declines relieving


May 30, (No. 47.)-Answers a call relative to deserters.
June 2, (No. 48.)—Relative to the muster-roll of Captain Gillespie's company; had

given instructions about mustering volunteers; difficulty of communicating with
San Antonio; has authorized a call for auxiliary force on the governor of Texas by

Colonel Harney.
June 3, (No. 49.)- Return of troops; is detained for the want of the means of trans.

portation; last intelligence of Arista; ordnance, &c., found in Matamoras.
June 7, (No. 50.)—Return of the army; intelligence from the interior; awaits water

transportation to push forward a depot to Camargo.
Jụne 24, (Nos. 53 and 54.) -Arrival of volunteers; intelligence from the interior.

Letters from the Secretary of War to General Taylor. 1846, June 26.—Embarrassment caused by the call of General Gaines for troops.

July 1, (No. 57.)–From General Taylor, in relation to volunteers enrolled for less

than twelve months; asks permission to retain them. August 3.—In relation to the retention of six-months' men, (from the Secretary of


Letters from General Taylor. 1846, July 16, (No. 60.)--Relative to the obligation of Louisiana volunteers to serve more

than three months. July 22, (No. 61.)— Acknowledges instructions relative to the discharge of volunteers,

and reports measures for their execution. July 25, (No. 65.)— Return of volunteer force; adverts to the case of Alabama volun.

teers, which he has ordered to be mustered out of service in Mobile. July 31, (No. 70.)—Position of volunteers from Texas; necessity of retaining them

beyond three months; regiments of Kentucky and Tennessee horse will not arrive

in time. August 31, (No. 82.)-Relating to volunteer regiments, and some detached companies from Texas and Louisiana.

Letter from the Secretary of War to General Taylor. 1846, June 8.-Relative to conducting the war.

Letter from General Scott to General Taylor. 1846, Jane 12.-General instructions in relation to his assignment to the chief command of .

the army in Mexico, and the enumeration of force sent to him, &c., with a copy of a letter of instructions to General Wool, &c.

Letters from General Taylor. 1846, June 26, (No. 56.)- Acknowledges communications from the Secretary of War of

28th, 29th and 30th May, [with letter from the President,) and 4th and 8th of June. July 2, (No. 58.) –His views on the sulject of operations against the interior, in an.

swer to communications of the 28th of May and 8th of June.

Letter from the Secretary of War. 1846, July 9.—Plan of campaign, &c.

Letter from General Taylor to the President. 1846, August 1.—His views in regard to operations, in answer to letter of 9th of July.

Letters from Secretary of War. 1846, September 2.-Intention to make a descent on Tampico;' [intercepted by the enemy.)

September 22.-Change of instructions in relation to operations.

Letters from General Taylor. 1846, September 25, (No. 91.)-Capitulation of Monterey.

October 12, (No. 96.)- Acknowledges despatches of the 22d September.
October 15, (No. 98.)—His views on the general subject of the campaign and war,

in answer to the letter of the 22d September; adverts to instructions to General

October 26, (No. 100.)-Further reply to the letter of 22 September from the Secre.

tary of War.

Letters from the Secretary of War to Generals Taylor and Patterson. 1846, October 13.—Directing that the armistice shall cease, and in relation to the opera- ,

tions of the war.

Letters from General Taylor. 1846, November 3, (No. 105.)—Acknowledges the receipt of the despatch of 13th October.

November 8, (No. 107.)-Replies to despatch of 13th October, relative to armis

tice. November 8, (No. 108.)-Has notified the Mexican general of the conclusion of ibe

armistice; shall occupy Saltillo; adverts to the position of General Wool; has taken the first step towards an expedition to Tampico.

Letters from the Secretary of War. 1846, October 22.-Instructions in regard to operations.

October 22 —Major McLane, bearer of despatches.
October 29.-Forwards copy of letter to General Patterson.
November 25.--Encloses copy of letter of the 20 September, and relates to operations

on the galf coast. General Scott has been directed to repair to the seat of war.
November 23.-Directing General Scott in regard to operations.

September 12.—Letter from General Scott applying for the command of the army in

September 14.-From the Secretary of War in reply.
November 25.–From General Scott to General Taylor, announcing his assignment to

November 23.–From the Secretary of War to General Taylor, sending a copy of a

letter received by Commodore Conner from a reliable source.

Letters from General Taylor. 1846, November 12, (No. 110.)-His views in answer to the despatch of the 22d October.

November 16.-Acknowledging communications. [Not copied.]
November 21, (No. 113.)–Occupation of Saltillo, and disposition of General Wool.
November 26, (No. 114.)-Occupation of Tampico.
November 30, (No. 115.)—Sends return of troops. [Not copied.]
December 1, (No. 116.)-Sends muster rolls. [Not copied ]
December 2, (No. 117.)-Sends pension certificates. [Not copied.]
December 8, (No. 121.)—Arrangements for the desence of the line occupied by the

December 14, (No. 122.)—Departure of troops for Victoria; calls attention to the va-

rious in:erferences of his plans and orders; letter from General Patterson, 8th De

cember, 1846. December 22, (No. 123.)–Return of force from Monterey in consequence of intelli

gence from the frontier ; measures taken to reinforce General Worth ; shall march

again for Victoria ; correspondence with Santa Anna. December 26, (No. 124.) – Arrives at Montemorelos ; shall march for Victoria on the

27th ; intelligence from the interior.' December 26, (No. 125.)-Acknowledges communications ; capture of Tampico ; con

fusion and embarrassment have resulted from the correspondence with General Pat

terson by the department. 1847, January 7, (No. 1.)-Occupation of Victoria.

From the Secretary of War to General Taylor. 1847, January 4.-Secretary of War to General Scott in relation to operations.

January 27.-On the subject of the publication of General Taylor's letter to General

Gaines. 2846, July 6.-Letter from the Secretary of War to General Taylor in relation to commerce

and trade with Matamoras.
July 11.-Calling for a list of officers for brevets.
July 27, (No. 66.)—General Taylor in reply.

Letters from the Secretary of War. 1846, July 17.-Transmits resolution of the State of Connecticut.

July 27.-Relative to a captive Mexican boy.
October 5.-On the subject of a medal voted by Congress to General Taylor
December 8.-From General Taylor in reply..
October 30.—Relative to communication from R. C. Hall in respect to the death, suo. of
Letters from General Taylor. .
1846, June 25, (No. 55.)–Encloses proceedings of courts-martial. [Not copied.]

an officer.

July 2.-Acknowledges communications. [Not copied.)
July 3, (No. 59.)-Supplies an omission in his report of the action of the 9th of May.
July 11, (No. 60.)- Arrival of boats; commencement of movement to Camargo.
July 16.- Acknowledges receipt of commission as brevet major general.
July 16, (No. 61.)-Encloses returns.
July 16, (No. 62.)—Encloses proceedings of court-martial. [Not copied.]
July 18, (No. 63.)—Encloses returns. [Not copied.]
July 22, (No. 63.)—Occupation of Camargo; regular course of moving thither; difi-

culty of throwing supplies up the river.
July 28, (No. 67.)— Reports action in the case of a lieutenant in the army..
July 29, (No. 68.)—Unauthorized proceedings of Colonel Harney in an expedition on

the Presidio.
July 30, (No. 69.)- Arrival and forward movement of twelve-months volunteers; dis.

charge of Louisiana volunteers.
July 31.—Encloses muster rolls. [Not copied.]
August 1, (No. 71.)—Proceedings of court-martial; list of killed and wounded.
August 3, (No. 72.)—Statement of officers in the affairs of the 8th and 9th of May..
August 10, (No. 73.)-Arrived at Camargo; shall move by the 1st of September with

6,000 troops; valley of San Juan reconnoitred; Mier occupied.
August 14, (No. 74.)— Relative to Captain Taylor's company and its battery.
August 15, (No. 75.)—Copies of instructions to General Wool.
August 19, (No. 76.)—Forward movement of the 1st brigade to Serralvo.
August 23, (No. 77.)–Proceedings of court-martial. [Not copied.]
August 25, (No. 78.)—Intelligence from the interior; Paredes deposed; state of things

at Monterey; 20 brigade has marched; volunteers have been organized.
August 26, (No. 79.)-Sends papers relative to projected movement of the federal

party in the department of Tamaulipas, [the enclosures not copied, being confiden

August 28, (No. 80.)-Suggests a clothing depot.
August 31, (No. 81.)—Proceedings of court-martial. [Not copied.)
September 2, (No. 84.) -Scarcity of medical officers with the army, with a copy of

the Surgeon General's report of the 29th of July.
September 3, (No. 85.)-Organization of troops en route; is about to take the field;

no recent intelligence from the interior; state of things at San Antonio; General

Patterson will remain in command in rear.
September 4, (No. 88.)—Report from General Worth, giving intelligence from the in.

terior; sends proclamation of Ampudia.
September 12, (No. 87.)–Concentration of troops at Cerralvo; shall march on Mon

terey on the 13th; news from the interior.
September 17, (No. 88.)--Concentration of force at Marin; particulars of advance.
September 22, (No. 89.)-Reports operations before Monterey. [Published in Senate

Doc. No. 1, 2d session 29th Congress; not here copied.
September 23, (No. 90.)-Operations of 222 and 23d. [Published in Senate Doc. No.

1, 2d session 29th Congress; not here copied.]

1846, September 28, (No. 92.-Departure of the enemy; reports from General Wool of the

15th of September. October 6, (No. 93.)---Discharge of Texas mounted volunteers; 2d infantry ordered

October 9, (No. 94.)-Detailed report of operations before Monterey. [Published in

Şenate Doc. No. 1, 2d session 29th Congress; not here copied.]
October 11, (No. 95.) —Relative to a murder at Monterey.
October 13, (No. 97.)-Reports death of Lieutenant Graham, and refers to an inter-

cepted mail.
October 20, (No. 99.)- Acknowledges communications.
October 27, (No. 101.)- Intelligence from General Wool's column.
October 28, (No. 102.)-Reports death of Captain Ridgely.
November 2, (No. 103.)-Reports death of Major Lear.
November 3, (No. 104.)- Report in case of disabled men; acknowledges communica-

November 8, (No. 106.)- Acknowledges communications with respect to Captain

November 10.-Acknowledges communications.
November 11, (No. 109.)-Proceedings of court-martial. [Not copied.).
November 16, (No. 111.)-Has taken possession of Saltillo.
November 16.-Acknowledges communications. [Not copied.]
November 23, (No. 112.)-Correspondence with Santa Anna.
December 3, (No. 118.)-Reports death of General Hamer.
December 4, (No. 119.)-Correspondence with Santa Anna; exchange of prisoners.
December 7, (No. 120.)–Return of troops. [Not copied.]
December 26, (No. 126.)-Colonel Croghan sent to Austin to muster in Texas regi-


1847, February 6.-Letter of Adjutant General, with papers marked

A. Letters from Major General Scott to Major General Taylor.
B. Letters from Adjutant General to General Taylor.
C. Synopsis of ditto.
D. Orders issued by General Taylor.
E. Synopsis of ditto.
F. Special orders issued by General Taylor.
G. Synopsis of ditto.

*Relative to transportation. Memoranda for the chiefs of staff bureaus from Major General Scott, of the 15th

and 18th of May, 1846.

Letters from General Taylor. 1846, June 10, (No. 51.)–Refers to the great number of volunteers arriving at Point Isabel,

and the entire want of suitable transportation for a movement up the river. July 1.-From the Secretary of War to General Taylor, in answer, with memoranda

of the Quartermaster General. June 17, (No. 52)—From General Taylor ; no recent advices from general head

quarters ; failure in New Orleans to send out other means of transportation, or a

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