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got the Philosopher's Stone, sure, you will no longer complain of bad times, or the difficulty of paying taxes.

This doctrine, my friends! is Reason and Wisdom ! But, after all, do not depend too much upon your own Industry, and Frugality, and Prudence ; though excellent things! For they may all be blasted without the Blessing of Heaven : and, therefore, ask that Blessing humbly! and be not uncharitable to those that at present seem to want it ; but comfort and help them! Remember, JOB suffered, and was afterwards prosperous.

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And now to conclude. Experience keeps a dear school; but Fools will learn in no other, and scarce in that! for it is true, We may give Advice, but we cannot give Conduct, as Poor RICHARD says. However, remember this! They that won't be counselled, can't be helped ! as Poor RICHARD says : and farther, that, If you will not hear reason, she'll surely rap your knuckles !

Thus the old gentleman ended his harangue. The people heard it, and approved the doctrine ; and immediately practised the contrary, just as if it had been a common sermon! For the Vendue opened, and they began to buy extravagantly; notwithstanding all his cautions, and their own fear of taxes.

I found the good man had thoroughly studied

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my Almanacs, and digested all I had dropped on those topics during the course of five and twenty years. The frequent mention he made of me, must have tired any one else ; but my vanity was wonderfully delighted with it : though I was conscious that not a tenth part of the wisdom was my own, which he ascribed to me ; but rather the gleanings I had made of the Sense of all Ages and Nations. However,

resolved to be the better for the Echo of it; and though I had, at first, determined to buy stuff for a new coat, I went away resolved to wear my old one a little longer. Reader ! if thou wilt do the same, thy profit will be as great as mine.

I am, as ever,
'Thine, to serve thee !

July 7, 1757



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