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I. Minutes of Evidence taken before the Select Committee on

the Affairs of the East India Company; and also an Appendix

and Index. No. III. Revenue. Printed by Order of the

House of Commons . ••• 1

II. Great Britain in 1833. By Baron D'Haussez, Ex-Minister

of Marine under King Charles X 12

III. Essai Sur La Statisque Morale de la France. Par M. A.

Guerry, Avocat a la Cour Royale 23

IV. Report of the Proceedings on a Voyage to the Northern Ports

of China, in the Ship Lord Amherst. Extracted from Papers'

printed by Order of the House of Commons, relating to the

Trade with China • • •• 30

V. 1. Journals of Excursions in the Alps j the Pennine, Graian,

Cottian, Rhetian, Depontian, and Bernese. By William

Brockedon.—2. A Journey to Switzerland, and Pedestrian

Tours in that Country, including a Sketch of its History, and

the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants. By L. Agassiz,

. Esq., late of the Royal Navy, and Royal Marines 43

VI. The Tropical Agriculturist: a Practical Treatise on the Culti-

vation and Management of Various Productions suited to

Tropical Climates. By George Richardson Porter, Author

of" The Nature and Properties of the Sugar-Cane," &c 52

VII. Old Bailey Experience, Criminal Jurisprudence, and the actual

Working of our Penal Code of Laws ; also an Essay on Prison

Discipline; to which is added, a History of the Crimes com-

mitted in the present Day. By the Author of" The School-

master's Experience in Newgate 62

VII. Travels in the United States of America and Canada, containing

some Account of their Scientific Institutions, and a few No-

tices of the Geology and Mineralogy of those Countries; to

which is added, an Essay on the Natural Boundaries of Em-

pires. By J, Finch, Esq. &c. 72

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