The Twelve Women Apostles

Armstrong Associates, 1990 - 242 Seiten
Virgil Armstrong is an internationally known lecturer, author & teacher; lecturing on subjects such as: Indians, Nature Spirits & UFOs. Virgil is also the author of CITIZENS ALERT & THE ARMSTRONG REPORT: THEY NEED US, WE DON'T NEED THEM. Once again Virgil has stripped away the facade & placed before the minds of men yet another long-denied truth: that in the eyes of God, men & women are EQUAL! THE TWELVE WOMEN APOSTLES is a testimony of this irrevocable truth. It finds the Great Master Jesus surrounded by these twelve staunch women as well as his twelve men apostles. Throughout the book are spiritual lessons that are not only illuminating but help one to better understand Jesus's frequent use of parables. Although Book I ends with the heavenly ordainment of the womanly twelve, its sequel will pick them up after the completion of their apostolic training when they set forth into the world to practice their ministry two, by two, just as their predecessor, the twelve men, did. Shocking! revealing! intriguing! Don't put it down, because this book is for YOU & ALL WOMANKIND.

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