The Top Serial Killers of Our Time (Volume 4): True Crime Committed by the World's Most Notorious Serial Killers

Createspace Independent Pub, 29.08.2012 - 38 Seiten
For some reason I've always been fascinated by crime, particularly serial killers and what makes them "tick." Some if not all of the acts performed by human beings in this publication are so despicable that they seem impossible to believe. Unfortunately the contents contained within are not part of some fictional script for a future Hollywood movie, they are factual! This volume features the following murderers: Mohammed Bijeh Donato Bilancia Jeffrey Dahmer Vladimir Kondratenko Randy Steven Kraft Jimmy Maketta Jack Mogale Joel Rifkin Sipho Agmatir Thwala & Elias Xitavhudzi. I hope you don't have nightmares after reading this but the truth is that statistically there's likely to be a number of serial killers roaming our streets right now. So be careful. Jason Krueger

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