Scientific English: A Guide for Scientists and Other Professionals

ABC-CLIO, 16.06.2011 - 225 Seiten

This entertaining and highly readable book gives anyone writing in the sciences a clear and easy-to-follow guide to the English language.

English is often regarded as one of the most difficult languages to master. Yet while the English language has a vocabulary of upwards of 500,000 words, it only uses nine parts of speech, and all of these words fall into one (or more) of those nine categories. Scientific English: A Guide for Scientists and Other Professionals, Third Edition contains many simple revelations like this that make effective scientific writing in English easy, even for those whose fluency is in another language.

The book is organized around a basic guide to English grammar that is specifically tailored to the needs of scientists, science writers, science educators, and science students. The authors explain the goals of scientific writing, the role of style, and the various kinds of writing in the sciences, then provide a basic guide to the fundamentals of English and address problem areas such as redundancies, abbreviations and acronyms, jargon, and foreign terms. Email, online publishing, blogs, and writing for the Web are covered as well. This book is designed to be an enlightening and entertaining read that can then be retained as a practical scientific writing reference guide.

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Autoren-Profil (2011)

ROBERT A. DAY is professor of English at the University of Delaware, Newark, where he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in scientific and technical writing. For 19 years, he directed the publishing program of the American Society for Microbiology and served as managing editor of the Journal of Bacteriology plus eight other journals published by ASM. He was also the director of the ISI Press and vice president of the Institute for Scientific Information. Day is past-president of the Society for Scholarly Publishing and past-chairman of the Council of Biology Editors. He frequently gives seminars and workshops on scientific writing and has written extensively on all phases of scientific writing, editing, and publishing. Among his publications are How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper and Scientific English: A Guide for Scientists and other Professionals, both published by Oryx Press. Nancy Sakaduski, MBA, is the owner of Sakaduski Marketing Solutions.

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