Optical Imaging and Aberrations: Ray geometrical optics, Teile 1-2

SPIE Optical Engineering Press, 1998 - 469 Seiten
This book discusses the characteristics of a diffraction image of an incoherent or a coherent object formed by an aberrated imaging system. Numerical results in aberrated imaging have been emphasized to maximize the practical use of the material. This new, second printing includes a number of updates and corrections to the first printing. Beginning with a description of the diffraction theory of image formation, the book describes both aberration-free and aberrated imaging by optical systems with circular, annular, or Gaussian pupils. As in part I, the primary aberrations are emphasized. Their effects on Strehl, Hopkins, and Struve ratios are discussed in detail. The balanced aberrations are identified with Zernike polynomials appropriate for each type of system. Imaging in the presence of random aberrations is also discussed that includes the effects of image motion and propagation through atmospheric turbulence. Each chapter ends with a set of practical problems.

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