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Long before the advancement of science and the development of pharmaceutical products people relied on using natural things like leaves of trees, shrubs, and plants to cure the common ailments. They also used nuts, seeds, and roots of many plants, herbs and spices. Even some fruits are used to treat certain conditions. All these things are pure and natural with no harmful chemicals in them. There are no side effects to worry about. There is no harm in using these different things for common ailments before going to a physician. If they help you Praise to Almighty God! If these remedies will not help at least they will not harm you. Most of the things are found either in your kitchen or at any supermarket. Fruits are commonly available. Some herbs and spices you might have to look for at Chinese stores or Indian supermarkets. Not all fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are covered in this book. There is lot of information for the seeker on internet, in libraries and book stores. But if someone wants a quick reference for very common ailments and the edibles that are good to maintain ones health then this book will serve the purpose. Now a day theres actual scientific research that backs up some of these home treatments. Some of them ease tension, forestall headaches, and ease pain. Some of them work wonders on minor problems. Some of them are good to maintain good health, and give you immediate results but some of them should be used for a longer period of time to take care of the problem. Even more some of the herbs are approved by FDA as safe to use. Try to save your trip to the physician. Save your money and time. I am not giving any diet plan to anyone. Its all about keeping up with good health, and before any ailment or disease becomes chronic try these home remedies. They may be beneficial for your ailment. These are not a 100 percent sure treatment. But most of these remedies are tested by many people and they say they work. One of them might work for you. This book is intended to be a quick reference book, more like a handbook that can be consulted easily. Its not like a heavy hard cover library edition that stays most of the time on the shelf. You will also find some recipes of meals, with or without meat, salads and soups, at the end of this book. Keep up with Healthy Living.

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Shamim Ahmed was born in India. She was a middle child among eight of her siblings, and was always a little different than the rest of them. She used to excel in her primary girls school in her home town Gwalior. She took the High School exam as a private candidate from Aligarh Muslim University at the age of 14. She became a college graduate at 18 and graduated as Bachelor of Education at age 19. Her interest in health food grew after her husband had an open heart surgery about twenty years ago. Then he became diabetic. He was asked not to eat red meats, avoid fried foods, oil, sugar etc. Shamim started researching the benefits of fruits and vegetables. She asked people for recipes. She asked her own mother for old home remedies. As she has many doctors and pharmacists in the family she always consulted some one or the other on harms and benefits of certain foods. Eventually she started to pile up all the information to get it published as a hand book for easy reference for all the people. She writes articles on health and other topics in Noor magazine regularly in two languages, English and Urdu. Shamim is retired and lives with her husband in New York. She has two married children and nine grandchildren. They live in NJ and VA. BA, B Ed. (India) Dip. ED (UK), MS (USA)

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