Europe for the Europeans: The Foreign and Security Policy of the Populist Radical Right

Christina Schori Liang
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 01.01.2007 - 318 Seiten
For the last two decades, the number of political organizations on the far right, neo-populist right and neo-conservative right have been growing in number. Along with the mounting electoral success for many of the parties, there has also been a growing disenchantment with the political class which has led to a revolt against the current political 'establishment.' The events of September 11th and the War on Terror have further aggravated tensions within the populations between those who feel they are the legitimate citizens of the state and those who are considered outsiders. The recent expansion of the EU's borders has also brought on fears of a surge of both legal and illegal immigration. This book measures the effects of neo-populist groups on the current political establishment and illustrates how much political appeal neo-populist views have on making current political policy.

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Europe for the Europeans The Foreign and Security Policy of the Populist Radical Right
Against the Green Totalitarianism AntiIslamic Nativism in Contemporary Radical RightWing Populism in Western Europe
The Aims and Objections of the Austrian Far Right in Foreign and Military Policies
Our Own People First in a Europe of Peoples The International Policy of the Vlaams Blok
Nationalism New Right and New Cleavages in Danish Politics Foreign and Security Policy of the Danish Peoples Party
La politique du dehors avec les raisons du dedans Foreign and Defence Policy of the French Front National
Nationalism Ensures Peace the Foreign and Security Policy of the German Populist Radical Right after Reunification
The Communist Legacy? Populist but not Popular The Foreign Policies of the Hungarian Radical Right
A Fortuynist Foreign Policy
The Swiss Peoples Party and the Foreign and Security Policy Since the 1990s
Non Angeli sed Angli The NeoPopulist Foreign Policy of the New BNP
Between Tradition and Transition the Central European Radical Right and the New European Order
A Specific Variant of NeoPopulism Foreign and Security Policies of Extreme Right Parties in the European Parliament Elections in 2004
Populist Radical Right Parties

Recalcitrant Allies The Conflicting Foreign Policy Agenda of the Alleanza Nazionale and the Lega Nord

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Christina Schori Liang is in charge of the Library and Documention at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Switzerland.

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