Effects of Dietary Fats on Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury: A FT-IR Study

McGill University, 1995 - 224 Seiten
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With the increasing mortality rate from alcohol abuse in our society, it is important to further investigate the role of dietary fats in the alcohol-induced liver injury. Also, the high intake of alcohol and n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids can contribute to enhanced liver injury through increased lipid peroxidation causing more severe liver damage and altered blood lipid profile. In the present study, the dietary interrelationships of dietary fat composition and alcohol intake on alcoholic liver diseases and blood lipid profile were examined. Three types of dietary fats (corn oil, CO; beef tallow, BT; and fish oil, FO) with or without alcohol (35% of calories) were fed to male Golden Syrian hamsters for four weeks, after which blood and liver samples were collected for analysis. [...].

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