Man has just walked on the moon when the adventurer of dreams begins to spread the word of the world.

Dropped right in the middle of the conflict in Vietnam, he fears that every dawn becomes as fleeting as a speeding bullet… and eventually packs his bag, as helpless as a tightrope walker who has lost his balance.
Impatient to find his place and escape the endless cohort of the damned factory, he combines the odd jobs to make a living: distributor of “Dixan” samples, volunteer in a kibbutz after the Yom Kippur War, a hunting guide in Cameroon without ever having held a gun in his life.
Having swapped his hat of a museum patrol for that of a night guard, he takes on the job of a substitute in a training school before facing the brotherhood of sworn methodologists.
Always dissatisfied, the aching void in his being urgently needing to be filled, the map of the world poacher keeps chasing his shadow, multiplying his round trips between the tropics, overseas and Europe plunging into the heart of stifling barbed cities of rules where all possibilities seem to be locked away.

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Casse-croûte est un récit enlevé qui nous immerge dans maints pays, grâce aux petits boulots de l'auteur. On se rend compte, par exemple, qu'il a un sacré coup d’œil sur Israël - il y a 41 ans déjà - puisqu'il juge que le conflit avec les Palestiniens est fait pour durer...
La variété de ses jobs et leur exécution aussi cocasse que pleine de suspense nous tient en haleine d'un bout à l'autre du livre.
Michèle Nemitz

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