A Biometric Study of Basal Metabolism in Man, Ausgabe 279

Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1919 - 266 Seiten

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Seite 134 - Rubner's law that the metabolism is proportional to the superficial area of an animal. In other words, the metabolism varies as the amount of heat loss at the surface, and its variation in accordance with this law is necessary for the maintenance of a constant temperature.
Seite 135 - ... absorbing it. Thus radiation differs from conduction and convection in taking place most perfectly in the absence of matter, whereas conduction and convection require material communication between the bodies concerned. In the majority of cases of transference of heat all three modes of transference are simultaneously operative in a greater or less degree, and the combined effect is generally of great complexity. The different modes of transference are subject to widely different laws, and the...
Seite 133 - ... disordered metabolism, may be partly due to this stimulating effect of sodium sulphate. The influence of the size of the animal upon the respiratory exchange.1 — The smaller an animal the greater is its surface in relation to its mass, for the surface increases as the square, the mass as the cube. Now, small mammals and birds have a temperature equal to or even higher than that of large animals of the same classes : and, on account of the relatively greater surface which they expose for the...
Seite 223 - ... of their description, but one cannot help mentioning by name the Pettenkofer-Voit chamber, the Zuntz-Geppert apparatus, the Benedict Unit,12 13 and the Paschutin calorimeter. The main object of all investigators has been to determine the heat production of the patient while at complete rest fourteen hours or more after the last meal. This is the so-called basal metabolism, and is of interest only when compared with the figures obtained on normal individuals. Since it is impossible to measure...
Seite 7 - ... the most probable metabolism of a subject whose normal basal metabolism is unknown may be easily determined. Illustrations are given of the wide usefulness of such tables in investigating the problems of the typical or atypical nature of series of metabolism measurements, the problem of the differentiation of the sexes with respect to metabolic activity, of the metabolism of athletes as compared with non-athletic individuals, and of individuals suffering from disease. (5) A biometric study of...
Seite 190 - In this formula h = total heat production per 24 hours, w = weight in kilograms, s = stature in centimeters, and a = age in years.
Seite 193 - results as good as or better than those obtainable from the constant of basal metabolism per square meter of body surface can be obtained by biometric formulas involving no assumption concerning the derivation of surface area but based on direct physical measurements.
Seite 160 - Voit (20) that the basal katabolism of different species of animals is substantially proportional to their body surface.
Seite 134 - Since the body loses heat in proportion to the extension of its surface it is not strange that this is the determining factor for the metabolism.
Seite 28 - The Respiratory Exchange of Animals and Man. Longmans, Green and Co., London 1916.

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