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Books Die Bücher 21 - 30 von ungefähr 48 beziehen sich auf Charles XII of Sweden.    

Northern Europe in the Early Modern Period: The Baltic World 1492-1772

D. G. Kirby - 2014 - 456 Seiten
This is the first in a sequence of books which explores the history of The Baltic World and Northern Europe. In this period, Sweden was a major European power, occupying a ...
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Pleasure and Ambition: The Life, Loves and Wars of Augustus the Strong

Tony Sharp - 2001 - 328 Seiten
Augustus the Strong of Saxony’s life was consumed by two addictions: the relentless pursuit of power and the no less relentless pursuit of pleasure. From his accession as ...
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Charles XI and Swedish Absolutism, 1660-1697

A. F. Upton - 1998 - 281 Seiten
The reading public outside Sweden knows little of that country's history, beyond the dramatic and short-lived era in the seventeenth century when Sweden under Gustavus Adolphus ...
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Peter the Great and the Russian Military Campaigns During the Final Years of ...

James R. Moulton - 2005 - 254 Seiten
"The study of Peter the Great's reign has occupied a great and often tumultuous place in the fields of Russian and European History. Countless biographies and monographs have ...

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