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Books Die Bücher 11 - 20 von ungefähr 47 beziehen sich auf Civic Engagement in American Democracy.    

The Handbook of Political Behavior, Band 5

Samuel L. Long - 1981 - 392 Seiten
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The new American democracy, Teile 1-17

Morris P. Fiorina, Paul E. Peterson, Bertram Johnson, D. Stephen Voss - 2005 - 584 Seiten
With an emphasis on elections and their importance in our political system, Morris Fiorina and Paul Peterson' s groundbreaking text offers a stimulating, analytical approach to ...

Gender Transformations

Sylvia Walby - 1997 - 245 Seiten
In this text, Sylvia Walby, thoroughly investigates contemporary gender relations. It is designed as a guide for anyone seeking to understanding this complex and diverse issue.
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Social Consequences of Internet Use: Access, Involvement, and Interaction

James Everett Katz, Ronald E. Rice - 2002 - 460 Seiten
Drawing on nationally representative telephone surveys conducted from 1995 to 2000, this volume offers a picture of Internet use in America.
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Deferring Democracy: Promoting Openness in Authoritarian Regimes

Catharin E. Dalpino - 2000 - 137 Seiten
This book takes a fresh look at the prospects for political change in authoritarian countries like China, Iran and Vietnam, and argues that immediate opportunities exist to ...
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Changing and Unchanging Face of United States Civil Society

Marcella Ridlen Ray - 2002 - 269 Seiten
"Ray has written a book that should be read by anyone interested in the current debates about the general health of civil society in the United States."--American Journal of ...
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Rethinking Democratic Accountability

Robert D. Behn - 2001 - 317 Seiten
Behn examines the weaknesses in our current systems of accountability for finances, fairness, and performance, and suggests a new model of accountablity for public management.
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