On Democracy

Yale University Press, 2000 - 217 Seiten
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The last half of the 20th century has been an era of democratic triumph. The main anti-democratic regimes - communist, fascist, Nazi - have disappeared, and new democracies are emerging vigorously or tentatively throughout the world. In this book, one of the most prominent political theorists of our time provides a primer on democracy that clarifies what it is, why it is valuable, how it works, and what challenges it confronts in the future.

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Review: On Democracy

Nutzerbericht  - Marti Martinson - Goodreads

Yes, MK Elmo, this is the one you gave me LAST year! Sorry.....At only 199 pages of text, the book is, as reviewers here and on the cover have noted, concise, accessible, understandable, general, and ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

Review: On Democracy

Nutzerbericht  - Konstantinos Chatzigeorgiou - Goodreads

A good, if not short, recap of democratic theory. Robert A. Dahl is a prominent political scientist and this is very evident throughout his books so stay away if your interests lie in radical ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Robert A. Dahl is the Sterling Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Yale University. His numerous books include, most recently, "How Democratic is the American Constitution?" and "On Democracy,"

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